Obamacare’s Last Year?

Oh, I know there is nothing that would make conservatives happier than to see that abortion of a healthcare plan called “Obamacare” go to the trash heap of bad ideas. It’s almost as good as seeing Hillary Clinton get indicted by the FBI and the Justice Department. Almost.

But there is a problem with Obamacare that is really creating a massive problem with the whole healthcare system. It’s falling apart right before the insurance companies’ eyes. And there is apparently nothing they can do about it.

This year, Obamacare was supposed to enroll over 20 million Americans in to their system. It didn’t. It revised its goal downward to 15 million, and the promptly failed to meet that goal. It hit 12.7 million by the end of the January enrollment period. By March, that number had slipped to 11.1 million at 1.6 million people didn’t make their premium payments (what???? The government was making those payments, weren’t they???). And now, the GAO is predicting that by the end of 2016, there will be 10 million people on the Obamacare rolls…only a half million people more than at the end of 2015.

So, either the Democrats wildly over exaggerated the number of uninsured people in this country, or Obamacare has been such a boondoggle that even the uneducated, unemployed, unpaid, and underappreciated folks in our country don’t want anything to do with it.

The dirty little secret is, I have a hunch that’s what Obama wanted all along. He wanted it to fail because if it fails, the next step is to introduce a single-payer system, whereby the government pays for everything, and voila! You have socialized medicine, not some jumbled, coddled-together piece of crap that was doomed from the start.

Of course, there are several things standing in the way. The first is the presidency. If the Democrats don’t win the White House in November, Obamacare, nay, socialized healthcare in this country is doomed. It will go down in history as a failed experiment, never to be trotted out again. Second, if the Democrats fail to win back both houses of congress, it fails. In order for this whole plan to continue forward, the entire government needs to be Democrat. That’s a tall order after you’ve had eight years of a failed presidency! And remember…the Democrats had to wrangle and cajole their own members into voting for it back when Obamacare passed in 2010. No Republican voted for it, which means there has to be one mean shift in Washington in order for it to do anything but die.

And there is the beauty of politics. Even bad ideas that get tried and fail can be replaced. Same thing happened with prohibition. It was a terrible idea (you can’t legislate morality any more than you can legislate love and hate!) when they passed it, and it was a terrible idea when they repealed it.

And Obamacare is the next item to be thrown on the “terrible idea” heap.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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