Obama Should Make Up His Mind

Don’t get me wrong…I think the tragedy in Dallas was terrible. I just think certain people’s reaction to it was a little off. No, let’s make that a lot off. Let me explain.

When Barack Obama addresses the nation after the shooting in Dallas, he mentioned that a “few deranged individuals” were at fault. Now, this differs entirely from what he has said in the past when it wasn’t the individual at all that was at fault. It was the fact that person was able to obtain weapons! We need to do something to stop the person from getting guns. After all, logic would dictate that if only a “few deranged individuals” were at fault in the shootings (be it San Bernardino, Dallas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, etc), then why punish a nation for a “few deranged individuals? You shouldn’t. It’s a major flaw in his logic.

The problem isn’t the gun. The problem isn’t the ability to obtain the weapon. If there is anyone out there that thinks that IF all guns were illegal, none of this stuff would happen, you’re loonier than a three dollar bill. The gun, the act of purchasing the gun, and the act of owning a gun of any kind isn’t the problem. The problem is the mental state of the individual buying the gun. And why is that individual not institutionalized?

Good question! The answer is simple. Remember, these folks were institutionalized until what…the 1960’s or 70’s? And why were they let out of the institutions? Because liberals told us it was cruel and unusual punishment to allow these people to be caged like animals. They needed to be free in society! And then bang! We have a homeless problem. Because they were released without any thought of where they were going or what they were doing, and they started living under bridges. Now, liberals will tell you that’s hogwash. Sure it is…just like gun control will solved all of the ills of these shootings. Liberals have screwed up so much in the past, and it seems it’s all coming home to roost right now. That’s the problem they’re facing. It’s not Obama necessarily…it’s all of them. It’s their screwed-up, let the government fix everything way of thinking.

The way to solve our nation’s gun problem isn’t by taking guns away. Criminals will always be able to arm themselves. They don’t care that there’s a law that they are breaking, which is evidenced by the mere fact they are killing people. Isn’t there a law against that too?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Obama Should Make Up His Mind

  1. Well Desert, having followed you for some time it obvious, like most conservatives, that no matter what the president does there is always something wrong with it. This post is no exception.

    Your statement about banning all guns and incidents will stay happens is a statement not based in fact. I know this will required real research but check out Australia since 1996. They had a horrible mass shooting and all guns were banned. Of course this had the backing of the population, there was no NRA clouding up the issue with driveling nonsense and no feckless politicians beholden to this death dealing lobby.

    Finally your rant on mental institutions is so ill informed it defies description.

    First, wholesale release of patients was done in the 1980’s as result of Ronnie Reagan’s smaller government nonsense. He basically cut budgets items for the States to care for these people causing the States to begin wholesale releases into neighborhoods with little or no assistance or follow up. True, an amount were institutionalized for no good reason, shot up with Thorazine and held like animals in a drugged up state. But, little or no logic was used to essentially clean out the mental hospitals. I know because I assisted in representing these people. Republican governors could not wait to execute this plan and I watched as these poor people were dumped in neighborhoods by Governor Jim Thompson (Illinois first gay governor). So, contrary to your post, it is not hogwash and again you know not of what you speak.

    Hope you are having fun in East St. Louis.

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