Trump Right, Obama Wrong On This One!

Barack Obama has had a bad week this past week. It’s because what he wants, what he stands for, and what he believes has taken such a hit that its hard for him to understand why his presidency is such a failure, and why he hasn’t been able to bring blacks and whites together. It’s pretty much because he, like most liberals out there, doesn’t have a clue.

Obama addressed a NATO summit meeting in Poland the other day and while not mentioning Donald Trump, tried to tell the world that Trump was wrong. After the Dallas shooting, Trump mentioned that racial tensions at this country were at a long-time high. He said that the United States was a divided country. I’m starting to think he’s right.

Obama countered we are not divided. Of course, under his watch, we’ve had problems in Ferguson, Missouri, a stone’s throw from where I’m visiting right now…we’ve had problems in Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Arizona, and a dozen other places…all before this black on blue hate crime has started to exist. And of course, Obama can’t blame the fact that it’s not whites shooting police officers in record numbers…it’s blacks. He can’t blame them because he was supposed to be “the great healer” when he took over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, remember? There was going to be this Kumbayah Moment, and blacks and whites, and Asians, and Latinos were all going to come together singing and dancing. Yeah…right.

So, now Obama is forced to say it was all a “deranged few” that are doing the killing of police officers. It’s not an entire race. Well, he’s right on that account. It shouldn’t ever be said that an entire race is responsible for anything. But the people doing the shooting of the cops are predominately black. So much for the Kumbayah Moment, huh?

The whole reason this is happening is that the Obama presidency has failed. Blacks overwhelmingly elected Obama to the White House and wanted to see one of their own “right the ship” and give them their due. He hasn’t done that. In fact, black poverty under Obama has soared. Blacks moving from lower to middle class has dropped off significantly. Yes, George W. Bush did a better job at elevating the blacks in society to a new social status than Barack Obama has done. Way to go, Bobo!

I still go back to a news story after Obama was sworn in. Two women of color in Detroit were being interviewed. One of them said she was going “down to get some of that Obama money”. I wonder if she ever got it, and what she thinks of him now. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I know he’s got like an 80% approval rating among blacks. And that’s just another reason blacks and whites in this country are so divided. Yes, Donald Trump was right. We are a divided country in more ways than one. And Bobo Obama isn’t going to solve it. No liberal can or will.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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