Travel Warnings Issued To “Obama’s America”

I have to ask the question. What happened to this love fest that was supposed to happen eight years ago when Barack Obama was sworn in? What happened to the end of racism that was promised? I thought he was going to heal the racial divide and bring us all together…and yet, we’re more divided now than ever.

The thing is, you can’t blame the conservatives on this one. This whole mess rests entirely on Obama’s shoulders. HE was the one who promised to heal the divide. HE was the one that was going to make harmony and bring togetherness. That wasn’t a John McCain pledge…that was a Bobo pledge. Another failure in a failed presidency!

How bad has it gotten? Well, let’s put it this way. The United States is always offering warnings to its citizens about countries to avoid traveling to. The State Department does that regularly. It’s never happened until now that another country has warned it’s citizens to be careful when traveling to the United States. Until now.

Three countries have warned their citizens that if they come here, they need to be aware of racial violence and killing of police officers by blacks. The three are Bahrain, The Bahamas, and The United Arab Emirates. All three are telling citizens of their countries that IF they come here, they should use extreme caution, and should avoid areas with large crowds.

You can’t blame the GOP on this one. This one falls squarely where it always belongs…on the national leader, and that is currently Bobo Obama. He can’t blame this one on George W. Bush…it’s all been on his watch. And when he interrupts his workout in Poland to address the Dallas shootings, world leaders cried out with one voice that his condemnation was “weak at best”. What do you think it’s going to be? Do you actually think he’s going to come out against someone of his own color? He is after all, one of the more racist presidents in history, and that has been proven time and time again with his selection of another racist, Eric Holder as his first Attorney General.

You can add this distinction to an ever-growing list of firsts that have happened during the Obama administration. All of it demonstrates one thing clearly. We have elected and re-elected a person that had no business being president to the highest office in the land. It is the “Peter Principle” at its finest example. How a guy that has no real world experience at doing anything but causing trouble can rise to the highest office in the land is tantamount to the disaster that has become this presidency.

The question isn’t “Are you surprised?” The question is “How many more nations will follow the lead of these three?” Your guess is as good as mine!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Travel Warnings Issued To “Obama’s America”

  1. “What happened to this love fest that was supposed to happen eight years ago when Barack Obama was sworn in? What happened to the end of racism that was promised? ”

    I think we MIGHT have come closer to seeing that if Colin Powell had run and been elected, but Obama is about as close to being a Powell as Dan Quayle was to being a Jack Kennedy.

    – MJM

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