There Goes The Credibility!

Let’s get one thing straight. Bernie Sanders and I don’t agree on anything politically. However, that being said, I do respect the guy for his honesty and his forthrightness. Well, let me change that. I did. I don’t any longer. See, Bernie Sanders made a critical mistake this week. He spent a year bashing Hillary Clinton because she voted for the war in Iraq. He even went so far as to say what most of America believes; Hillary Clinton is not qualified to become president.

And then Bernie Sanders went and ruined it.

He endorse Hillary Clinton. Now, I get it that he’s endorsing her against Donald Trump and he feels that she would be a better president that Trump would be. But the sad fact is, you don’t tell the world repeatedly that someone is unqualified for a job and then endorse them for the job. You keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything. Because if I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, and hated Hillary, knowing that she was a pathological liar and a cheat, I would basically think that Sanders sold out. In fact, that’s exactly what he did.

Bernie Sanders was a guy that I respected for the mere fact that he stood up for what he believed in and fought for it against the odds. He was honorable, and he was honest. But he threw that all out the window. Was he lying when he said that Hillary was unqualified to be president? Is he lying now in saying that all of a sudden she’s qualified to become president and he backs her? Or is he no better than the rest of political Washington that does whatever they need to do to get along, regardless what their constituents think?

I think Bernie Sanders owes a hell of a big explanation to the rest of America…especially to those that supported him in his run for the White House. He needs to tell them why Hillary became qualified all of a sudden. There hasn’t been a re-vote on the Iraq war. There hasn’t been any special classes that she’s taken that qualified her to be Commander-In-Chief. She hasn’t done anything special since the campaign that would enhance her abilities (other than get James Comey to back off of the FBI investigation). So, what was it that Bernie Sanders saw that got him to change his mind from “not qualified” to “I endorse”?

The answer is politics. The answer is, and it’ll be a shock to the Sanders’ supporters out there, he is no different than John McCain, or Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton. He’s a politician first and foremost. And he was playing a game with his supporters. He knew all along he wasn’t going to win. He knew all along that he was going back to Vermont a loser. But that didn’t stop him from being hypocritical. It didn’t stop him from being everything the rest of America thought Hillary was…a liar…a cheat…a fraud. Too bad Bernie. I DID respect you. Now you’re just the same as all of the other losers out there.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “There Goes The Credibility!

  1. Well Desert, I hope your white people tour of Ferguson and the blatantly racist State of Missouri is going well.

    I believe that Sanders knew he was going to lose, but wanted what I call, a seat at the table when it came to platform, rules, etc. This is why he stayed in as long as he did. We Dems have a Progressive platform as opposed to the Republicans 1950’s daydream Christian sharia law platform with Il Duce the Orange Orangutan leading the charge.

    BTW, I saw his interview with that clown Bret Baier on Fox Wednesday, which Il Duce was complaining about the Notorious RBG. He has proved even stupider than I previously thought as he talked about how she should not have said what she did and eleven justices are OK but her mind is shot, blah, blah, blah. What is interesting is a potential President of the United States who might make Supreme Court nominations does not even know how many justices sit on the Court. A complete idiot. Watch the footage and tell me I’m wrong. Also, RBG did nothing wrong and I am appalled she apologized to this unapologetic butt head. Check out what the first Chief Justice, John Jay did during his term.

    See you when you get back.

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