NYT Declare Trump Winner!

Ruth Is Asleep

First of all, the New York Times didn’t declare Trump the winner in the race he is interested in winning. They DID however declare him correct in saying that Supreme Court Justess (no misprint…just a quote from “First Monday In October”) Ruth Bader Ginsburg was totally out of line with her comments. And she was. No one, no liberal, no conservative with any credibility what-so-ever has come out in support of Bader Ginsburg’s comments. And there’s a good reason why; she’s dead wrong.


In case you missed the senile witch from NYC and her comments, she basically called Trump a “fake” (a fake what, nobody knows), and she went on to say that if he wins, she’s moving out of the country. Let me make a point here that I think you all can agree on. I’m getting very tired of this liberal tirade of “I’m going to move out of the country if (insert candidate name here) wins an election.” First of all, I’d be happy to buy you a first class ticket to any Canadian or Mexican city you choose, one way of course, just to get rid of your sorry ass for making such a statement. If I can sit through eight years of the worst presidency in the 240 year history of this country, you certainly can muster enough guts to do the same. But if you can’t, leave. I don’t want to hear you talk about it, show some conviction and take action. Leave. The list of actors, celebrities, and now Supreme Court Justesses that have made this threat only to later back out when it happens, is nauseating. Ruth…do us all a favor. The Dems wanted you to resign years ago so they could replace you with another liberal. You were too stupid to see the politics of it then, and you’re too stupid to see anything dealing with politics now. So, you’re probably better off to just leave the country and take up residence in someplace nice…like Afghanistan or Pakistan.


What is galling is that a Supreme Court Justice is supposed to be above politics. Now that doesn’t sit well with folks on the left. They hold politics as their religion, and so it’s a slap in their face. And they’ll be quick to point out that people like Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia have given many speeches on political topics, and they are right. There is, however a huge difference. Thomas and Scalia were talking ideas, not people. Bader Ginsburg is talking about a person. That automatically recuses her from anything that would ever show up at the Supreme Court involving Donald Trump…again a stupid move on her part.


Trump mentioned in an interview that aired this week that he felt she lacked the mental capacity to do her job. After reading her comments (I would never be caught dead watching her!), I would be inclined to agree. She is suffering from a mental problem and probably needs some help in that area. Certainly, we don’t want to have a Justice of the Supreme Court making critical thinking decisions with a mental capacity that is clearly lacking.  Ruth…it’s time to leave or die. Your choice.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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