Here Comes The GOP!

Well, it’s not going to be the hells-a-poppin’, anything goes, contested convention that everybody thought it was going to be. In fact, my bet is, it’s probably going to be somewhat mundane. It’s going to be a time of telling how great America used to be…what’s happened to it under Barack Obama…and how Donald Trump is going to make it great again. Sound familiar? It really sounds like the “out party’s” convention for the last 50 years.

But overall, the GOP is going to be doing something that is going to be underneath the surface. You’re going to be seeing (I think) a party that is more “together” than mainstream liberal media folks believe or want. Somehow, I believe that most in the party, not all but most, have now reached the point where they know Donald Trump has been named their nominee. It hurts them, because someone that has no experience in politics has defeated the best and brightest the party could throw at him. But that is what the world is looking for now. Just look at England. Just look at what was tried in Turkey (which is much different for a variety of reasons, but still…), and you’re seeing this world-wide push to throw out the old and bring in the new.

What is going to happen in Cleveland this week will heal for the most part, the Republican Party. When it’s over, Trump will most likely get a bump. It won’t last because the Democrats are starting their get together in Philly the next week. And Hillary’s bump won’t last long either. I really expect this to be Trump’s moment. He needs to show the world he can be presidential. He needs to show the world that not only can he run billion dollar businesses, and star in reality TV shows, but he can be civil and presidential, and not say stupid things all the time.

I think the addition of Mike Pence to the ticket was a fine choice. Pence has proven himself to be a winner in every sense of the word, and is a rock-ribbed conservative, which will counter-balance Trump’s more moderate leanings. It’s already starting to show in the polls, and though we’re still a millennia away from the election, he’s starting to pull away as more people see what he’s capable of, and compare that to what Hillary Clinton is capable of. There is no contest when you look at that!

People could very well get bored this week in Cleveland, and I say that’s ok. These conventions have spent the last 45 years as boring TV programs that have watched their ratings plummet to the point most of the major networks only cover them for an hour or so a night. The major excitement of the old conventions is gone…and though the mainstream press would love to see 1968 Chicago-style riots and protests, and will zoom in on any that are evident, I think the message coming out of Cleveland will be much different. It will be one of more unity, and less flame-throwing. At least that’s my hope!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    Since the selection of Pence, I am very cautious, as Pence supports TPP, which Trump said is 100% harmful to America. Pence also opposes Trump’s position on Muslim related situations and opposes Trump’s position on a northern and southern wall being erected. While Pence is a moderate 2A supporter, he does believe in gun regulation and not, Constitutional Carry. I am contemplating remaining home on election day. Pence cooled my heels.

  2. Well Desert, the GOP convention has lived up to my expectations as one large cluster screw and it started Saturday.

    Trump’s introduction of Mike Pence (more on this Indiana Knuckle Dragger shortly), was mostly about Trump for 30 minutes and no surprise there and lies about his record, again no surprise there. When Lil’ Mikey finally came out he looked like he made the biggest mistake of his life, which is probably true. On November 9th this guy will be running commercials for personal injury law firm at 3 AM. Then there was 60 Minutes interview on Sunday where Lil” Mikey was demoted from VP candidate to Trump lapdog, woof!, woof! It seemed every time he wanted to answer a question, Trump jumped in and started bloviating. Cue the “I’m so stupid for accepting this job” look. So far he has flipped on the Muslim ban and waterboarding, he was against it before he was for it.

    After coming home from joint replacement class (knee not Afghanistan Kush for Amsterdam skunk) and lunch with Diane I tuned in MSNBC to check on the street life. Lo and behold I was treated to the most twisted history lesson I have ever seen (so far) given by Rep. Steven (cantaloupe calves) King of Iowa. With a straight face he said that all good things in Western Civilization were the result of Christianity. As you know when I run into cretins like this my favorite saying is that they slept through history in high school or college. Well, this clown was in a coma. Until the Crusades, Europe was a back water of knowledge. Oh, you had recycled Roman ideas, early beginnings of the Church which advanced by early thinkers such as Augustine, Benedict, etc. but nothing really new to speak of. The Crusades changed Europe by replacing the numbering system (Arabic), mathematics, anatomy, medicine, architecture, wealth, gunpowder, pasta and spices. Guess that doesn’t count but we are dealing with a conservative Republican here who, for the most part, does not believe in facts. Enjoy those cantaloupes Steve and your white supremacy. Oh, the laundry called, your white sheets are ready.

    Now for Lil’ Mikey and is record, which is what I am titling “Why Do Some of the Stupidest VP Candidates Come From Indiana?”
    As late as 2002, Lil’ Mikey said that smoking does not kill and rarely do smokers die from smoking. Sit back and let that tidbit of wisdom sink in. Looks like he is flipping on Muslim ban and waterboarding, guess part of those American values we cherish so much. Continually supports laws against a woman’s right to choose (guess Jesus told him to do that). Then there was that “Religious Freedom” law last year and the ensuing backlash. While having a press conference before saying it needed to be changed, he stood there mute for a few minutes, showing he had no clue as to what he signed. Speaking of laws he did not read before signing, the law passed by the legislature saying that if a woman’s monthly flow contained a fertilized egg (how can you tell?), it had either to be burned or buried. You can’t make this stuff up and talk about wasted time. This law caused a group to be formed called Periods For Pence. Trump lied about Indiana under Pence receiving a AAA rating as it was given by S&P five years before he took office and at least 10 other States have this rating. His lowering of the unemployment rate was worse than the national average, job growth worse than 20 other States and if he was so successful on jobs, how come Carrier is leaving for Mexico taking 1,400 high paying jobs. Did he do anything to try and change their minds, evidently not. As for that preposterous education funding claim, he actually cut education funding so he could deliver Indiana’s largest tax cut ever to his corporate buddies. How’s that for caring for children. Did I mention he is an uber Christian who seems to impose Christian sharia law on the country? His time in Congress was spent as a back bench ideologue. Indiana’s answer to Trent Franks.

    More on this Bozo Show tomorrow.

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