Blacks At Odds With Democrats

There’s been a whole lot of shootin’ going on lately. And a lot of it has been that blacks have been getting shot. And a lot of it has been police officers getting shot. And most of it is pretty damn senseless. Now, I’ll back up cops trying to do their job every time out. I’m not saying they are perfect, far from it. But I will say that if you’re a criminal of any color, and you’re either trying to take a cop out, or run from a cop or committing a crime, you’re asking for trouble.

But I find something very interesting. It’s something that is putting a lot of blacks at odds with the Democrats. And of course, we all know for 65 years, the blacks have been a very solid and loyal vote for the Democrats. But there may be some chinks in that armor. See, blacks apparently like the Second Amendment. They like the fact they are able to buy guns. They see it as a civil rights issue. Democrats would love to severely trash the Second Amendment. They’d love to get rid of it altogether if they thought they could get away with it. Of course they can’t, but they’d love to try.

And I think it’s a position in one piece of the puzzle that the Republicans gathering in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump can use to maybe sway a few blacks their way. Oh, I’m not trying to intimate that Trump is going to get the black vote. I’m not foolish. But I’m saying that while Hillary is out there railing for more gun control, blacks are out there saying it’s a civil rights issue for them to own a gun. There is a wedge that needs to be inserted and the GOP is able to do it if they play their cards right.

I’ll also go on record as saying that a) the GOP rarely plays its cards right. If they did, there would be no Democrat party because liberals basically make very little sense when it comes to logic. They survive on emotion alone; and b) while blacks have been loyal to the party, the party has done very little if anything to elevate the living conditions of the average black. Of course, Dems will tell you it’s the GOP’s fault, which is their answer to everything. They don’t EVER make mistakes, and they don’t EVER do anything wrong. Well, they do. And they have. If blacks had anything to show for 65 years of loyalty to the liberals, I’d probably say they should stay there. But why are more and more black ministers and more and more black leaders starting to question being with the Dems? It’s simply because the Democrats have failed the blacks, as they have failed America. Their policies and dreams of cradle to grave coddling sound nice, but don’t work. You always run out of money with their policies. It’s never worked anywhere in the world where the dreams come true.

The GOP needs to keep that in mind as they hold their convention. We should all keep that in mind.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    More precisely, the current Democrat Party, is not the same as when FDR was president. Today’s version of the DNC is Marxist-Lite. The Great Society of LBJ started the “free stuff”, where many receiving some benefit such as welfare or food stamps, it has turned into a generational legacy, rather than a hand up. New generations are taught, Mopery, and, Mopery, was removed from the law books, as it used to get people taken into custody by police. Remove welfare, food stamps, and restore Mopery statutes, and overnight, we would see a rapid decline in many crimes and nuisance quality of life issues.

    • You certainly bring up a good point Rifleman. The trick would be trying to enforce those statutes in today’s environment of hate for authority. The ‘free stuff’ is keeping folks right where this current regime wants them, dependent on the government and therefore easier to manipulate. Yup, we are sooooo ready for change!!

      • I used to save the Mopery charges for someone special. Infrequently, it is an excellent charge, especially for the Smart-Asses. Judges always say out loud, “MOPERY?! You are charged with, MOPERY! How do you plea?”, and the courtroom always broke into laughter. Guy trying to become some big-time hood, his rap sheet now lists, “Mopery”. It’s like trying to have sex with a limp one – just doesn’t get the job done. People such as Sharpton, should, always be charged with, Mopery.

      • Worked City 0f New York.
        My regular blog remains suspended and I am locked out (Brittius), so I started a new blog. Only here, I am not such a nice guy, because I am fed up with the liberal Marxists.

      • Nice seeing you back, Lorra. I have been on this blog since November 2015, when I got mad enough to figure another way around the crybabies who complained that I should be removed. I was being even minded, then. Now I give them, street cop words of wisdom. Then I trash their comments.

      • There’s the Brittius I know! LOL! Seriously though, the PC and Hate Speech regs are running rampant. Free Speech is officially a thing of the past.

      • Until people overturn the turnip cart and put political correctness in the grave, where it belongs. Over the decades, I made it my business to be a listener, when people spoke. Effective police work requires that. The grievances of many, have turned into demands, little different from some hostage taker. They want a plane, a million dollars in unmarked twenties, at times a bottle of whiskey or a pizza. This moment I just posted an article where blacks have some congressional member sneaking a bill proposal for reparations of slavery. Send them back.

    • LOL, do you know how many definitions there are for mopery? Wandering around, loitering while walking….dejection, ………….committing a petty offense like J-walking! Is it not just a reason to get picked up by the police….because you are suspicious? Rightfully so! 🙂 Reminds me of Otis, the town drunk on Andy of Mayberry; locked himself up each night.

  2. Well Desert, nice to see some conversations by the obtuse white clowns that read this site.

    I am a bit pained to see that you have not commented on the GOPTEA party convention but then that is to be expected when it is a group of clueless white people railing against Those People. I’ll wait to comment because you will post how Utterly Fabulous tonight’s nomination is going to be with some grease ball Trump speaking along with Tiffany, who I found out was his child and not that washed up 80’s singer.

    But back to the blog and Black people.

    I get your racist cynicism about blacks liking to buy guns. I also get that the white peoples gun lobby known as the NRA has not come out to defend the black man in Minnesota to own a gun legally and have a CC permit. This has caused a really big riff within the NRA and they have shown their true colors, white on this. Shows they are just a lobbyist for the gun industry and really don’t give a rat’s ass about ownership unless you are white or want to carry an assault rifle. Your statement on the Democrats wanting to repeal the Second Amendment is just plain stupid or you are ignorant as how the Constitution works, maybe both. Your lemmings here didn’t say anything about it. Not exactly Mensa candidates.

    As for the cradle to grave thing, Republicans have been passing out goodies for decades, like trying to get rid of the inheritance tax, unnecessary tax cuts which are posed as trickle down, job creators, freeing business to grow and so on while bitching about the national debt while talking about the need for entitlement reform. Let’s start with these clowns who have been living off other people’s money for decades. Oh yeah, that’s wealth redistribution, I forgot.

    N.B. Plagiarism no matter how small or large is still plagiarism, you know like being almost engaged or almost pregnant. You are or you are not and it is or it is not. This instance, it was.

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