Let’s Add One More Qualifier

Running for president is stressful. Being the president is probably the most stressful job in the world. And yet, we do not have any qualifications for a “fit and healthy person” when it comes to filling that office.

Look at the two candidates that are running for it this time around. You’ve got Donald Trump, who will be the oldest president elected if he wins (he will be 70, and a few months older than Ronald Reagan was). And you’ve got Hillary Clinton, who’s right on his tail at being 69 on election day. Now, age is not a factor in health, I get it. My step-father just died less than a month ago at 101. And all but the last year, I’d say he was pretty damn healthy. But while most prior candidates have released documents showing their health in nauseating details, these two have balked at that. Why?

Well, Clinton and Trump have had their doctors issue letters saying they were healthy and fit to serve. While that’s nice, it doesn’t explain some things. For instance, what’s with Hillary’s coughing fits? What’s going on there? When you compare the cursory nod to health that these two have given us to John McCain’s thousand page document that showed he was fit, he was healthy, he was cancer-free, and he was in good shape, it’s almost embarrassing what these two are trying to get away with.

Let’s be clear about one thing. I’m NOT saying that either candidate is trying to hide something. I’m not trying to intimate that or claim that at all. I AM saying that there should be a panel of independent doctors, say two Republican doctors and two Democrat doctors that should do an independent examination of all candidates for office prior to them announcing. And it should be updated in nauseating detail every year. We have the ability to do this, why don’t we? After all, do we want a healthy president or doesn’t it matter?

There is no reason under the sun why someone that is running for the highest office in the world can’t submit to a complete physical that would be available for any person to view. Yes, I know that violates HIPPA, but it doesn’t matter. Have congress make an exception to that. IF you want the presidency that bad that you’re willing to spend two years of your life running for a four year job, and IF you are willing to bare your soul and all of the skeletons in your closet to close scrutiny, then why wouldn’t you be willing to take a physical for the good of the country?

Oh, you don’t have to change the constitution or anything like that. Just get congress to pass a law that says you are not able to get security clearance or Secret Service protection until you’ve undergone this procedure. At that point, you get your clean bill of health, and away you go. Best $500 we as a nation would ever spend!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


12 thoughts on “Let’s Add One More Qualifier

  1. Exactly! And what is with Hillary barely being able to climb the stairs leading up the plane? She looks like she is gonna topple over any minute! Oh, wait, she did and there wasn’t a single thing in her way to make her take a nose dive the way she did! So, what gives? I wouldn’t wish illness on anyone but the truth is we will all get sick so why not just come clean instead of getting in office (God forbid) and croaking the next day leaving us with their appointed second in command?

  2. I don’t believe in doctors. What then, denial of the elected position? When it’s my time, I intend to go. No lingering. No doctors’ waiting rooms to hear some pill pusher with a stethoscope pontificating. I also am notorious for getting doctors upset, as I refuse prescriptions and they say that I am the world’s worst patient, then I drop this gem on them, “Before I forget, doctor, you’re fired.” (Oh the look of insult and injury.) PS: I outlived three doctors so far. Move over, George Burns.

    • Broken bones. Broken shoulder bone, compound fracture through the skin. Torn rotator cuff. Chipped scapula, ripped bicep, broken clavicle. I refused any cast, as they said I “must have a body cast”. Then I refused the codeine pills which my wife filled the prescription against my orders, and I flushed down the toilet, in favor a a bottle (or three) of bourbon. Then I was working doing labor after I retired and went back to work twelve days later, when they said 18 months to 24 months. I refused their con game of exam and at the end, how I “must” have surgery and one year physical therapy. One old Italian doctor wanted to know what part of Europe I was born, which got me angry, and I said, Brooklyn (NY). He insisted Europe, and finally I asked, why does he insist Europe. He said, in America, less damage than mine, he gives 18 month no work and the people always come back and ask to make it 24 months. In Europe, he says just like me, he asks when do they want to go back to work and they say, “TOMORROW!”. He concluded and wrote down that my brain, is European. I am also the worst patient he ever dealt with. I did my own therapy, and the arm is stronger than the right. They did give me six units of Morphine (the Tiger Shot), what they give tigers when they work on them, because of thick heavy muscling. I drove 35 miles like that before I couldn’t go farther. I did not know the extent of the damage from three hours earlier. I you say, that you have “pain”, you will have pain. I said it was discomfort and could take more. High pain threshold. When you feel discomfort/pain, you are in good shape, because the nerves and wiring is good. If you do not feel anything, then there is some kind of death. Anyway, in the emergency room, the little old Italian doctor says, “Squeeze my finger”. I did. then the left hand. I did. He says at 8.40am, he has to wait until after lunch. What?? Yes. He needs manpower. What? Why? He says I have full power in the right hand and almost full power in the left hand. If they work on my shoulder and I wake up, he said, I will grab one of them with my left hand (“Very strong”, he said), and make a fist with my right hand, and then, one of them, will need a doctor. Mama Mia! My blood pressure hit the roof. It goes on, and everyone who hears it, laughs, and says it’s “typically”, me.

  3. So Lutrell , a two bit lying sack of shit like Trumpanzee can insult everybody and it is breaking down that politically correct BS, but I do it and there is something wrong with me. For the most part on this site you have not had an original thought of your own. You, like Popgun III just forward someone else’s work to your website. Either a lack of ideas or lack of intelligence, or both.

    Is it me or can somebody explain why Desert has had not one post on the Republican Clown show this week. I imagine that he will be merciless next week on liberal because that’s what he does. What I have seen this week is that the chimpanzee campaign is, for want od a better term, incompetent. Quite frankly I doubt Drumpf could organize a trip to the men’s room.

    I realize that none of you like me but actually I really don’t care. What I do care about are facts and history and how it relates to today. I must warn you, and Desert can back me up on this, you do not want to screw with me on this as I read a lot. With that in mind, ISIS seems to be the mantra of the Republicans today, but can any of you tell me the roots of ISIS? Can you tell me when this was and possibly the seminal event that created the roots of ISIS and who were the major players?

    I look forward any type of intellectual conversation here, which might be a stretch, but be prepared to back up what you say with facts. Maybe we could start with what is the difference between Muslim Sharia law, like what is it and the Christian here who want to impose their Bronze Age jurisprudence on me.

    Have fun stormin the castle.

    Guy de Lusignan

    • OK Snarky…let’s call a spade a spade. How is it you can call Trump a liar and yet you’re NOT calling your girl a liar? The woman is pathological! Let’s see you defend her before you start tearing down the other guy.

  4. Desert, Il Duce is a pathological liar or have you missed something?

    Desert, on my computer I do not see my original post here. Not accusing you of anything, just a similar situation as I told you before.

    As for my post, I thought a pysch exam might also be in order if you do a physical and nobody really focused on that. So I presume that everyone here agrees with me.

    King Robert The Pious and Queen Constance
    Solving problems that don’t exist, like Republicans.

    • And yet you still can’t bring yourself to admitting that the Arkansas Princess is a pathological liar! Sorry ol’ friend… I think you’re the one missing something!

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