Cruz Blows His “Reagan Moment”

It was supposed to be akin to Ronald Reagan’s speech to the convention in 1976. He had just been bested by Gerald Ford in a convention fight, and Ronald Reagan was given a speaking opportunity. Basically, realizing that he had been defeated and there was no way he was going to win the nomination, Reagan graciously accepted defeat, brought both factions of the party together, and set himself up to be the nominee in 1980. That’s exactly what happened. That’s called vision folks. That’s called class.

Ted Cruz had that opportunity last night. He could have healed any divide of the Republican Party by bringing any stragglers of the party together, uniting them, and setting himself up as the next Republican nominee (of course, if Trump were to win in 2016, Trump would hold that mantle if he wanted it in 2020). But unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened.

Ted Cruz is a conservative, but he’s not about America. He’s about Ted Cruz. He’s not about bringing the party together, but about making himself the nominee. His line about “If you want the constitution followed, vote your conscience in November” was met with boos and jeers. It was bad. It was so bad that his wife had to be escorted out of the arena. Ted Cruz didn’t bring the Republican Party together last night. He tried to keep it divided so he could position himself as the front-runner for 2020, not 2024. And it took someone like Newt Gingrich to spin his line into a quasi-endorsement of Trump by saying that only one candidate in November will follow the constitution, and we all know it’s Donald Trump. Nice move Newt…but that’s not what he meant.

I was more aligned philosophically with Ted Cruz with Donald Trump throughout this process. But there was something about Cruz that bothered me. He was like a pit bull. He wasn’t classy about it either. He was out there like some junkyard dog going after a rabbit and he wasn’t about to stop until he got what he wanted. Now, I’ve never been accused of saying Donald Trump is the classiest guy in the room, but he showed a lot more of it during this convention than Ted Cruz showed last night.

Somehow, I think this speech by Ted Cruz turned out to be his “Chris Christie moment”. I’m of course, referring to the aftermath of hurricane Sandy days before the 2012 election, when Christie went and hugged Barack Obama. Republicans didn’t forget about that and I really believe that is one reason why Christie wasn’t viewed as a serious candidate by a lot of folks. This was that moment for Ted Cruz, and my hunch is that he will find it very hard to win any nomination for president in 2020, 2024, or beyond. He had a lot of fences to mend. He didn’t do it. Shame on you Ted.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Cruz Blows His “Reagan Moment”

  1. Good morning fun seeker! Hope you are well… Now, on to this Putz Cruz… Grrrrrrr! I truly wanted to throw my TV out the front door. His complete BS seems to know no bounds at this point. Like you, I was digging on the principals Cruz stood on and, like you, my husband, in almost your exact words, said there was something about him he didn’t trust. Well, well, well, didn’t Cruz show what he was made of?! Integrity right out the window and his own agenda laid out on someone else’s platform. Real classy Cruz. But, despite being booed off the stage with his many supporters beyond pissed off, his support page is showing his supporters overwhelmingly applauding his BS tactics! Shaking my head in disbelief! It will be interesting to see if his outraged fans remain outraged and bring about his political Armageddon or if they once again jump on his scheming bandwagon. Good Grief.

  2. Well Desert, I think last night’s performance by Ted Cruz shows how absolutely, positively stupid Trumpanzee, his family advisors really are and that he unqualified to be president. Actually the whole week has shown that he couldn’t organize a trip to the men’s room. But back to Cruz.

    You expected Reagan redux, I expected a scene out of Games of Thrones. Which one of us picked that one? Considering how Il Duce of Orange trashed Cruz, his wife and that lying father of his during the primaries and knowing how hated ego Teddie is despised by Republicans, you really believed that there was going to be some sort of kumbya moment? Lorra, you expected this also? Come on, the both of you want to be perceived as more intelligent that. Maybe you forgot that this mook was the one who engineered the shutdown of the government in 2013 having been in office for what 10 months, for over a week and received what in return for the effort? That’s right nothing. Couple that with how many billions did the economy lose during that political theater? Like Drumpf, it has always been about him and you are correct on that Lorra, so you should have anticipated this outcome.

    I saw Crusader Teddie on the tube this morning meeting with the Texas delegation where he continued last night’s show to this bunch of hayseeds. For the most part they loved him, but then they loved Johnny Manzel also and how did that work out?

    It is obvious that he is laying the ground work for 2020 whether Hillary wins or The Man With the Muskrat Hair wins. The best thing that should happen to him is that his father dies, because if the Crusader wins the nomination and Pops is still alive campaigning for him, some serious ugly shit about Dad will surface and it involves a trial of lies that exceeds the Trail of Tears.

    So, as the campaign limps out of Cleveland having taken more shots than Sonny on the causeway, no campaign infrastructure, far behind in fundraising and a VP candidate who looks like an insurance agent that sells you crappy annuities as a solid investment, his one shot at redemption is his speech tonight. There are a great number of supporters and potential donors that are holding their collective breaths hoping he will not throw the teleprompter into the first row while screaming “I don’t need no fucking teleprompter” and launch into his patented off the rails rants. If that happens, Paul Manafort, President Erdogan called, your tyrant is waiting and wants you to call him back.

    I have really enjoyed this convention as it has exceeded my expectations for weirdness. I only wish that Dr, Hunter S. Thompson was around to cover this for Rolling Stone. I have gone through 7 packets of Pop Secret and a almost a 12 pack of Heineken, but it was worth it. I also needed the fiber.

    See you in Philly next week and remember the story about The Frog and the Scorpion.

  3. Well had to wait to see how Bernie reacted after that party outsider was trashed by the Hillary machine. Surprise of all.. He endorsed her and pleaded with followers to vote for her.
    I loved Ted Cruz but you have to know when to hold em and when to fold em. His political career is over. Hope he sharpens up his lawyering. He might need to chase ambulances….

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