Has Obama Brought On All Of These Shootings?

The President of the United States has addressed the nation (yet again) on all of the gun violence that has occurred in this country over the past year or so. And he has once again, white-washed it down to a very simple, very solvable solution: We need to “tamp down this inflammatory rhetoric”. How nice!

There are really two problems with his statement. The first is, HE is the one that actually started the inflammatory rhetoric, and doing victory laps, and pointing fingers at the Republicans. HE is the one that has appointed a racist Attorney General in Eric Holder, and has race-baited blacks every step of the way. HE is the one that is partially responsible for the attitude that has been prevalent in this country for the past eight years. I’m not saying the blame lays entirely with Obama. I’m saying that HE is a part of the problem, and certainly not part of the solution!

Now, my liberal friends would be quick to point out that if we didn’t have hand guns, and we didn’t have assault rifles, and we didn’t have kitchen knives with sharp edges, none of this would happen. Of course, if we were all locked in padded rooms, none of this wouldn’t happen either. But as usual, they are incorrect in their assumption. What wouldn’t happen is, law abiding Americans wouldn’t have guns and wouldn’t be shooting police. The police would still have guns, and blacks (and whites and Latino’s) would still be committing crimes, and would probably still be shot. But I don’t know too many of the black victims, or the white victims, or the Latino victims that have been shot by police that weren’t involved in some sort of felony. Do you? Do you really think making guns illegal is going to stop them from committing the crime of shooting someone?

The other party that is to blame in this is the media. They’ve covered every single gunshot case in this country over the past year. Anytime there has been a black on blue or blue on black shooting, it’s been front page news for at least a week. If the media wouldn’t showcase this stuff as much as they have and give these perps their 15 minutes of national fame, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t be so anxious to take part.

As for Obama, his term is almost up, and his inflammatory rhetoric is about to be silenced. He was charged with bringing the races together and healing our divide when he was elected. At least that was the speech I remember. I do recall him saying he had the ability to bridge the gaps, to truly create one nation that was going to be systematically changed. Well, he’s done the systematically changed part. He’s failed at everything else. And I think the systematically changed part was pretty much a failure as well. Nice try, Bobo. Isn’t it about ready for your tee-time?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Has Obama Brought On All Of These Shootings?

  1. Great read!! You hit this one out of the park! The truth is that if you took away all guns and sharp objects people would STILL find a way to kill each other. We could go back to the dark ages and attest to that. How many skulls have been dug up that had been bashed in indicating murder? How many folks stoned to death by a ‘mob’ (and no, I don’t want to get into any religious implication about that one! LOL!)? How many folks have been speared, bludgeoned or simply BEATEN to death? People have been killing people since Cane and Able and taking pointy things or things that go BOOM away from them will not change that fact. OK, I’ll get down off my soap bx now… 🙂

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