Little Debbie Initiates The Controversy At Democrat’s Convention

Aw, come on…we all knew Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would be guilty of SOMETHING in her political career, right? I mean, she’s a) not that smart and b) VERY partisan to the point of being nauseating. Well, she managed to upstage the Arkansas Princess on her big week, even before the week gets started. She’s stepping down as DNC Chair.

It really comes as no surprise to anyone. After all, Bernie Sanders had said for months that one of his top priorities would be to replace Wasserman-Schultz as DNC Chair, and apparently, Hillary listened. We all know the Clintons have a long history of throwing their friends and allies under the bus. And Little Debbie should have learned that lesson, but alas…that would require intelligence lacking in her curly haired little head.

What did her is was actually a WikiLeaks article that basically showed the DNC conspired to throw the nomination to Hillary and do everything they could think of to dump on Sanders. It was as if he knew about it all along! How about that? Basically, those Saturday midnight debates held in a cow pasture in rural Idaho? Yeah…that was Little Debbie. She planned all of the stuff so that Hillary wouldn’t be shown to a lot of people and have to come across as anything but the princess that she thinks she is. And it’s just the beginning of the week!

Word from Philadelphia is that Bernie’s supporters aren’t happy with his caving on several issues that they felt were deal-breakers. They also were very unhappy that Hillary would go with a moderate as a choice for Vice President. Tim Kaine, the one-time Governor from Virginia, and also a Senator from that state makes Hillary look awe-inspiring in comparison. But he has some problems with the far left of his party that actually could cause more embarrassment for the Clinton camp. The news reports are saying that the Sanders supporters are thinking of putting a name of a much more liberal person into nomination for Vice President, setting up a lengthy, albeit meaningless showdown. Sanders’ folks apparently don’t know the meaning of the words, “You lost!” But alas, they did, and usually losers don’t get to win much, if anything, at these conventions. If they do get something like a prime-time speaking slot (like Ted Cruz did at the GOP), it’s extremely rare that they have the ability to not endorse the candidate…or embarrass the candidate in some other way.

I think personally, it’d be very interesting if the Democrats made more of a controversial week out of it than what Donald Trump did with the GOP. At least with the Republicans I could say, “Well, that’s Donald being Donald!” With Hillary, everything has to be scripted so tightly I’m surprised anything doesn’t run 100% on time!! Of course, it won’t, but that’s her expectation.

Oh…and by the way. Just in case you happen to be poll watchers…Trump has opened up his biggest lead of the campaign over Clinton. CNN’s latest poll shows Trump with a 6 point bounce after his convention and has opened up a 5 point lead over Clinton…and that INCLUDES both Johnson and Stein! And if that weren’t enough to begin your week, one of the newest converts happens to be a guy by the name of Malik Obama…yes…it’s Bobo’s half-brother who says he’s had it with his half-brothers’ scatter brained ideas. He’s voting for Trump!
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. You just have to love the drama so far, and we’re just getting started!! Whatever you think of ‘Little Debbie,’ she took the fall for Hillary just like the writer for Trump’s campaign took the fall for the ‘plagiarized’ speech. Just IMHO… Happy Monday! 😉

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