What Did Sanders’ Run Prove?

13659012_10210437068790130_5495009535373453216_nI didn’t waste a lot of time sifting through Democrats’ gobbledygook so far in this convention. We know who the nominee is going to be so watching the actual delegates and super delegates vote on it is a waste of time. And frankly, watching Michelle (one of the Butt Sisters) O’Bama, though I hear she did a nice job, is actually stomach turning. Elizabeth Warren’s speech should take her down a notch or two as all she did was recite Democrat platitudes. And Cory Booker was WAY too long, and WAY too boring. I wanted to see Bernie…and I wanted to see the crowd’s reaction to Bernie.

I came away wondering what he got out of all of this. He spent a year becoming famous (let’s face it…he WASN’T very well known before he started his run), and what did he actually accomplish? Well, he got them talking about lowering the number of super delegates by 2/3 which is something. Other than that, not much. Oh, he got some planks put in the party platform, but whoever follows that? His followers booed him on the streets of Philadelphia when he said that Hillary HAD to be elected president. HAD to? Like this is Russia? No, Bernie…we STILL have a choice in this country!

The longer Bernie talked, the more I thought of one phrase to describe him. Sell-out. He sold out his principles and his values because he lost. And he had so much that he could have said. Did the DNC’s rigging of the nomination actually cost him the nomination? I’m not so sure it would have, but it could have. After all, he has 46% of the delegates at the convention. Did it make 5% difference? Who knows!?

Bernie Sanders totally sold out to someone that he himself has said countless times is unqualified to become president. That’s a pretty powerful statement, and one that is impossible to walk back. What it does is ruin any credibility you’ve got when you start backing that person for president. What does it say when an “unqualified person” beats you so badly for the nomination? It says you never should have run in the first place.

No, there are a lot of folks out there like Al Franken, and Susan Sarandon, and the like that adore Bernie Sanders. He can now go off and die in peace knowing he’ll get a front page obituary in the New York Times, but he dies a failure. He dies like Mitt Romney and John McCain and Jimmy Carter and Barack O’Bama all will die…a total and complete failure. The only difference is, Carter and O’Bama actually convinced enough people to vote for them that they won! Of course, running against some of the weakest candidates in Republican history (McCain and Romney for O’Bama and Ford for Carter) actually helped quite a bit.

I’m not sure who will win in November at this point. Trump got quite a bounce in the CNN poll (10 points), and who knows what shenanigans Hillary has yet to pull or that we will find out about and what trite Trump will come up with on the campaign trail. But so far…the Democrats’ “Unity Convention” is a load of blather.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “What Did Sanders’ Run Prove?

  1. Love the logo with Bernie on a leash. You can put Little Debbie on a leash as well. Did Hillary bring Little D on board to keep a close eye on her, control what she “might” say? Two little corrupt hens laying eggs everywhere!

    • I wouldn’t doubt it. After all, the Clintons don’t reward ANYONE for loyalty…they just throw them under the bus when they are done. I think you’re right…it’s Hillary’s way of keeping Little Debbie close because she’s got info that could sink the campaign!

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