John Kerry’s Face Plant Off The Deep End

I certainly don’t mind it if people have a different opinion from me. After all, that’s what makes for interesting conversation. But at least they should try to ground their conversations in reality. Need an example?

John Kerry, who is posing as the country’s Secretary of State currently (didn’t he fight in Vietnam?), is all a-twitter in Vienna where he’s attending a meeting to amend the “Montreal Protocol” which basically said that everything western society does is bad and leads to global warming…er…climate warming….er… global cooling…er…um…something.

And it was while he was at this eco-terrorist conference that Kerry made the really inane statement that air conditioners are as big of a threat to life as ISIS. Yes…you heard right. The mere fact that you take little Jimmy or Joanie to soccer practice in an SUV anymore isn’t enough. Now they are coming after your air conditioning.

That’s the whole reason for Kerry skipping the Democrats’ gathering in Philadelphia and being in Vienna, where the biking is much better than the mean streets of the city of brotherly love. And the amendment that Kerry is making to the “Montreal Protocol” is basically to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons from our life. Oh…and AC wasn’t the only thing Kerry is going after. He’s going after your refrigerators as well. Actually, it won’t be shutting them down. I don’t think even John Kerry is that stupid. But it would be another way for the uber-left wing nuts to tax you for stuff that we’ve been doing for a century and has absolutely no provable consequence on environmental science. Well, at least that is what more and more REPUTABLE scientists are saying.

Of course, the mere fact that that data has also shown that ozone holes in the Antarctic are actually “healing” themselves, and that there is now more Arctic ice than has been around for centuries lends to theories that the earth is actually in a “cool-down” mode. Of course, the nay-sayers and eco-terrorists will have to poo-poo this because if they actually came out and said that global warming doesn’t exist (it does…it’s just not man made) then their whole theory goes out the window.

As I’ve said countless times before, and the funny thing is, I’ve actually debated meteorologists on this and they can’t refute it…neither can science…the earth has been around a lot longer than humans have been. Before we ever were created or crawled from the slime (whatever your evolutionary position is), there was a warming and cooling cycle with the earth. It wasn’t man-made then because we didn’t have SUV’s and we didn’t have refrigeration or air conditioning. We also didn’t have the jets that John Kerry uses to fly all over the world espousing his pollution BS. So, if the earth, all on its own warmed and cooled on its own, what’s to say that it isn’t doing exactly that now? Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is nothing more than a money and power grab by the left to gain more control over the lives of those of us living on earth. No more no less. Sorry John….you can amend any protocol you want. You don’t matter anymore.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “John Kerry’s Face Plant Off The Deep End

  1. That very well may be Kerry’s DUMBEST statement to date! He has officially bumped his head one too many times. I mean, how in the hell do you even come up with a statement like that??

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