Trump Trips Up Clinton…Takes Media Coverage Away from DemCon

Leave it to Donald Trump. Whether you love the guy or hate the guy, you have to admit, he’s a master of manipulation. Last week when the GOP was holding their convention, the biggest controversy was Ted Cruz being booed for not endorsing Trump. This week, Trump himself has interjected himself into the Democrats’ convention and actually stole Day 3 thunder!


With one of the most outlandish comments made in the campaign, the Clinton campaign accused Russia of supplying the damaging DNC emails that were hacked just prior to the convention. Saying that Vladimir Putin wants Trump to be president because he’d be easier to push around is one thing. Proving it? Well, that’s something way out there in the parking lot beyond left field. What made Day 3 so “Trumpesque” was the fact Trump held a news conference asking Russia to go after the 30,000 missing emails.


Hillary’s people immediately pounced, saying it was beneath contempt that a GOP candidate for president would ask a foreign power to commit espionage against a political opponent, and it damaged the national security of the United States. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! I thought the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted were PERSONAL emails about Chelsea’s wedding, and yoga routines. What in hell does that have to do with national security?


It was an obvious trap Trump laid, and the Clinton camp gladly jumped right in. Either those emails were private and personal and had to do with a wedding and yoga, in which case, it had NOTHING to do with national security (meaning the Clintons were wrong with their accusation), or they WEREN’T personal, and WERE work related meaning that Hillary lied to everybody (would she do that?) and actually could be charged with obstruction of justice. Either way you look at it, Hillary’s people are a bunch of idiots for playing right into Donald Trump’s hands on this one!


And so goes the Democrats’ convention. So worried are they that the Bernie Sanders supporters are going to shout “Lock Her Up” during her speech tonight, they over-look the obvious trap that was laid for them. Such idiots.


This on a day when the Real Clear Politics average of polls puts Trump on top of Clinton for the first time. Yes, several polls (including the uber-left leaning CNN poll) have Trump up big…as much as 7 points, but the RCP average of polls takes a while to catch up. It appears Hillary isn’t getting much upside support at her convention and has a LONG way to go before she gets some traction. Gee…who saw that coming?


Don’t worry Democrats…the liberal media is trying their damndest to make sure that this is Hillary’s election. I really doubt they are able to fool the American people this time though.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


21 thoughts on “Trump Trips Up Clinton…Takes Media Coverage Away from DemCon

  1. Good grief, is it gonna take her actually murdering someone for America to wake up?! SHE IS A LAIR AND A FRAUD, NOT TO MENTION A CRIMINAL! But, you jut have to love the Trumpster! Way to steal the thunder!

  2. “It was an obvious trap Trump laid, and the Clinton camp gladly jumped right in. Either those emails were private and personal and had to do with a wedding and yoga, in which case, it had NOTHING to do with national security (meaning the Clintons were wrong with their accusation), or they WEREN’T personal, and WERE work related meaning that Hillary lied to everybody (would she do that?) and actually could be charged with obstruction of justice. Either way you look at it, Hillary’s people are a bunch of idiots for playing right into Donald Trump’s hands on this one!”

    BEAUTIFUL analysis! Absolutely beautiful!!


  3. Well Desert, an interesting analysis for the mentally challenged that come here to be entertained.

    If the Clinton emails were personal, which they were and the Orange Trumpanzee knew it. why act the asshole that he is over this for the past year? It is has no policy or solutions, save one, make sure his stupid kids (Ivanka, the Inauguration is January 20th not the 17th, which is Ben Franklin’s birthday, a noted atheist) do not pay inheritance taxes on his debt ridden empire. That and tax cuts for 99%. Don’t believe me, read his webpage. BTW, what happened to Melania’s webpage, Russians steal it?

    The only thing he proved yesterday is what an ignorant fuck he is. Didn’t know where Tim Kaine was governor until a reporter told him, called Tim Kaine, Tom Kean and invited espionage to be committed by foreign powers to interfere with our elections. The man is not qualified for anything and is a security risk to our country. This is your law and order candidate? You really have to be shitting me on this one.

    Finally, will not release his tax returns because of an “audit.” Anybody with half a brain, which leaves out most conservatives, knows this is crap. What is he hiding? Well, a few guess because I got people, good people and I hear things from good people that he pays little or no tax, is up to neck in debt while being a sneeze away from bankruptcy and is in heavily to the Russians because no bank will lend to him. Il Duce, while being an amoral liar, says he has no business with the Russians while his grease ball son said earlier this month that a substantial amount of their revenue (Trump Organization) comes from Russia. So, one of these two is lying and the other is clueless to the business dealings. His campaign manager, Paul Manafort has had close dealings with Putin and if the Orange Chimpanzee receives intelligence briefings, ol’ Paul will be let on in them via Drumpf.

    Notice how Republicans are staying away from him as are large donors. The polls are crap now and will not mean anything until October.

    Lorra, interesting post, were you dropped on your head as a child? Just asking.

    • OK…you are really out there. First of all, how do YOU know the emails were personal? Have YOU seen them or are you taking Hillary’s word for them? We all know she NEVER lies, right? Hey, I didn’t know where the hell Tim Kaine was from, and I follow politics. He’s that much out of the limelight. As for the Russian thing, you need to realize what that was, nothing more than a diversionary tactic by Hillary’s crew to take the heat off of the DNC for screwing their own people. I’m surprised someone supposedly as smart as you couldn’t see that. And as far as Trump’s remarks on Russia, you can’t tell when someone is being sarcastic? Damn…I thought someone as brilliant as you would have had that one down in a milisecond!

      Oh, and another thing. Amoral liar? Really? You keep calling Trump that, but you have yet to answer the question how you feel about Hillary’s PROVEN lies (yes…the FBI has admitted to the world she has lied!). What’s up with that? I’m glad you call the polls crap now…you’re right. They won’t even mean anything in October. The only poll that means anything is November 8th. We’ll see then! And by the way…you can impugn me, but leave my readers out of it. You’re not half as smart as most of them (Lorra included).

  4. Desert, you don’t know that they were not personal as she said they were. It is common for government employees to use government e-mail for personal purposes. I used the company’s during my career as well as the telephone (no cell phones yet). Comey’s statement was carefully worded to present a not necessarily accurate picture. Remember I have spent over 40 years in law and I have the Capt. Midnight Decoder Ring most people do not.

    That said, you did not responded to the Russian thing on revenue. The grease ball son was quite clear as where a majority of their revenue was generated. Since you have avoided this question you have also avoided the CONVICTED liar charge, you graduated from a fairly good liberal arts college but seem to have a problem with the difference between weather and climate. As for Tim Kaine, I read a lot and have been seriously tuned into politics since I was 12. Just because you do not know him does not mean I would not. I knew Mike Pence is a reactionary Christian Sharia law supporter from my days in Chicago. I know John Kasich is not the warm fuzzy image that he portrays, rather he is just another mean spirited conservative like Eddie Munster from Wisconsin whose budget proposal cannot stand up to serious scrutiny. He will screw everyone but the 1%. Look at his proposals with their “mystery meat” promise of savings. Don’t get me started on the Great White Wisconsin Dope, Scott Walker.

    Finally, Drumpf’s entire campaign is based on lies, like every time he opens his mouth. You know it, you just do not admit it.

    Only time will tell which of us is correct.

  5. Desert, we are both worldly enough to know that politicians lie. Trump lies like the old records with the giant whole in the middle, 45 times a minute and you cannot admit it. You are still dodging the questions I asked which is what conservatives do. I’ll even ask one more question you or any of the minions (notice I did not say gerbils) that come to this site can answer, name one conservative program instituted that has benefited the American people. As a non-lawyer practicing law without a license, I already know the answer, do you?

    Extra Credit: Name the most famous Kurd general in history. This should be right up your alley Lorra, since you seem to know everything.

    Geoffroy de Villehardouin

    • You are always painting very broad strokes…try getting specific. It’s not enough to say someone lies. You want specifics on Hillary? I’ve got a list of 85 lies she’s told in the last year alone. It’ll put you to sleep. As for your conservative program, I’ll name several. Conservatives have strived for free trade, free market, low taxes (Reagan’s largest tax cut in history comes to mind), limited regulations (as opposed to the current president’s outrageous multi-million pages of regulations), rebuilding the military after every Democrat leaves the White House, and showing Americans a personal responsibility that Democrats don’t understand. If you want it, and you want to work for it, you can achieve it. Or as a wiser man than I said, “It is the job of the federal government t protect it’s citizens lives, liberty, and property. Anything else limits our freedoms.

      For extra credit, I’d go with Abd al-Karim Qasim. Kurd’s most famous military leader and Prime Minister after a coup. Now…name me one SUCCESSFUL socialist society that actually lasted and was successful in generating wealth for the people (not the government). Cuba is out of bounds because it’s people are dirt poor. I’m waiting.

  6. Well Desert, I just read this and as Brooks Hadlin said in the Shawshank Redemption, I laughed so hard I nearly soiled myself. So let’s analyze your examples.

    Free trade and free market, are you friggin kidding me? It appears that the current Republican nominee for president isn’t exactly campaigning on these points, especially in the Rust Belt of the U.S. These policies have not exactly helped our manufacturing base has it. The Republicans may like these but the unwashed white masses seem just a touch pissed. One more thing on free market, the housing market and mortgage industry between 2001 and 2008, how did that work out for the country? No points for you on that round.

    Reagan’s tax cut or as I like to say, let’s se how large a deficit we can create. Yes, Reagan passed the largest tax cut which led to the deficit and started the monstrous debt we see today. After his tax cut he started raising taxes again because of that ridiculous Laffer Curve. Reagan’s PR department went into full swing calling them user fees. Speaking of debt, how did that S&L bailout work for us? No points dude and read up on the Reagan Administration’s tax history, no exactly warm and fuzzy.

    Limited regulations, great Republican talking point but which ones are you talking about, you know specifics, things like that. This is just another talking point with no proof whatsoever, but I expect that from conservatives.

    Rebuilding the military, I sort of have a problem with this one. See, if the military is in such poor shape why is the Pentagon selling or giving away excess military hardware to the State’s police forces? Don’t they need to fight the overseas boogeyman with this equipment? Why did we spend over a trillion dollars on the F-24 Raptor fighter, ordering a ton of planes, 20 years of spare parts and not even bring it on line? Is Pentagon going to hold a fire sale on this and can I buy one for my backyard? Then there is the other toy, F-35 fighter currently at Luke. This waste of trillions of dollars shows our aerospace industry at its best. The jet has more bugs in it than my first apartment in Chicago. Biggest selling point of this piece of crap is that it cannot fly in thunderstorms as the radar and basically all electronic components do not work. Don’t get me started on the Osprey which is a death trap. The only people happy with the “rebuilding” of the military are Boeing, General Dynamics, Martin Marietta, Electric Boat, etc. and their sub contractors and suppliers. Here comes the taxpayer funded money helicopter. Money for the troops or even fully funding the VA, good luck with that and I think both of us already know the answer to that one. No points.

    Personal responsibility from Republicans is a joke. Is it me or was there no president between 2001 and 2008? It seems that the debt which is freaking Republicans out have trouble grasping the fact that they are responsible for it. How? Glad you asked, two unfunded tax cuts that benefited the top 1% during two wars, both unfunded and an unfunded prescription drug plan used to secure the senior vote for, forgot no president in 2004. Since these wars in the Middle East, one we are “advising” and the other we are active participants are financed by public debt are basically unfunded. Though I will say President Blackula has cut the deficit in half since taking office which has slowed the growth of the national debt. So, in summation, the Republicans have controlled Congress for almost six years and they have done what to reduce the deficit and the national debt? Nothing except pass bills to repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, laws on marriage, laws restricting abortion and/or defunding Planned Parenthood.

    Then there is ISIS or ISIL if you prefer, we can trace its roots way back or we can trace it back to the president who shall not be named and his flunky, Paul Bremer who disbanded the Iraqi military. You want to know where they showed up, that’s right Jack, ISIS or ISIL if you please. Those officers with no paycheck had to do something and I think they found a gig. No points and go back to Go and do not collect $200 because it would only add to national debt. You actually owe me points on this one.

    So you have 85 lies from Hillary in the past year, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I can come with more than from Rumplethinskin in the week and he is taking the next week off.

    Extra credit, you lose as this tin horn petty Drumpf wannabe isn’t even in the ballpark. Read some history dude of the Middle East and get back to me. I’m going with Saladin. There’s a lot to this answer which would require speaking personally but I think you agree.

    Successful socialist society that lasted, well you have not given me a time frame or what you consider socialist, so I am going with Germany. You have unions, single payer health care, population pleased with their lives, financially well off and the government isn’t populated with pigs and lobbyists (same thing) like ours. I might also go with South Korea for the same reason. Dave drops microphone.

  7. Name one thing in the last post that is not true, actually name everything in the post that is not true. I do expect you to move the goalposts on this, especially about the Socialist country, because that is what conservatives do.

  8. So Desert, are you saying that your rules are such that facts are ignored and whatever is on your mind is truth whether or not is it true? This isn’t a blog, it is an arm of the fantasy campaign of Drumpfelthinskin. At least I/we are entertaining to your visitors here,

    • I’m saying if you want to participate on ANY blog site, you do so at the beck and call of the person that is running the site. This site is no exception. You may not agree with the rules, but they are the rules. Either play by them or don’t. That is your choice.

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