Where Are The Issues?

I get it that conventions are scripted PR stunts. They didn’t used to be that way. They actually used to be exciting to watch because people really weren’t sure who was going to be the nominee. Now it’s a four-day love fest for the person that wins the nomination. And I get it that the nominee wants everything to run super-smooth. But there comes a point when you want to hear substance. Maybe a convention isn’t the place for substance anymore, but it should be.

I’ve been watching the Democrats make fools of themselves all week. I’m totally pissed at the fact I’ve invested hours and hours of my precious time to listen to a bunch of people try and tell me that a woman that has been around 25 years and has lied about everything she’s ever done (which isn’t a lot), is someone that I really don’t know. Tell me WHY. Tell me WHAT she’s going to do and HOW she’s going to do it. Bernie Sanders came closest when he said she was going to give everyone with less than $180,000 household income free college tuition. Wonderful, Bern. Now, who in hell is going to pay for it? Are you telling me you are going to lower the salaries of the college professors? That’ll go over really big with their unions! No, he doesn’t have a way to pay for it because there IS no way to pay for that. Just like there IS no way to forgive all of the student loans out there.

The problem with the whole Democrat playbook is that they aren’t accountable for anything. Their response to everything is to tax the rich. I got news for everybody. You can confiscate 100% of the wealth (not just income) of the rich in this country (defined by O’Bama as $250,000 income or more) and you still wouldn’t have enough money to cover the expenses that Hillary and Bernie want to spend money on. There isn’t enough money to do that. And that becomes the crux of the Democrats’ problem.

Do you wonder why it is the Republicans control more Statehouses and Governors’ mansions than the Democrats? It’s simply because states need to balance budgets and Democrats can’t do it. They are terrible at it. That’s why Dems do so well in Washington. They don’t have to worry about balancing a budget there. They just spend the money on whatever they want, not caring that they are putting our futures at risk.

What I would LOVE to hear from the Democrats is a plan. A REAL plan, not a “Clinton plan” that doesn’t include any details. Hillary is such a policy wonk, I’m sure she has actually thought this stuff through, and she IS after all the smartest woman in the world, at least that’s what we’ve been told, right? Well, show me the money. Come up with both sides of the equation. How are you going to balance the budget? How are you going to make it happen? The answer they come up with is always, “Wave the magic wand”. Sorry. Ain’t good enough.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Where Are The Issues?

  1. It won’t be a full solution, but if Hillary’s elected we’re going to see some very significant taxation of pot and e-cigs (none of this wimpy 40% that they’re starting out with to get their foot in the door — the Antismokers will go for the “Level Playing Field” while also including cigarettes and hit them all with a 500% tax. (And no, that’s not in any sense at all an exaggeration: remember, in NYC they’re already up to 350% or so in total cigarette taxes.)

    • And that will be just the start. Do you like to breathe, Michael? Air is going to be taxed. Water is going to be taxed. Carbon is going to be taxed. Helium is going to be taxed. Your farts are going to be taxed!

  2. And for anyone who thinks that might be too sudden or too massive… just remember Obama’s 2,300% tax increase on the poorest smokers: the ones who roll their own. Of course, as he made clear on national television a few months later, he didn’t consider them to be actual “people” so it was OK. See: http://bit.ly/SCHIPtax

    – MJM

  3. They could always quit smoking as it can kill you in spite of that idiot VP candidate from Indiana says. Why do the stupidest VP’s come from Indiana? Must be something in the water.

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