Even James Clapper Can’t Believe Clinton’s Story!

The DNC was all aflutter earlier this past week with this cockamamie story about how the Russians hacked into their computers and posted those emails detailing how they were trying to coronate Hillary Clinton and trying to slam Bernie Sanders. Of course, it cost Little Debbie her job as DNC chair, and now it seems she’s in deep doo-doo as far as a primary fight for her seat in congress.


What I found interesting in the whole ordeal was the fact that Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper…the guy that SHOULD know what’s going on…and OH, by the way, an Obama guy, said that he couldn’t say whether or not it was Russia involved in the hacks, and that he was “taken aback a bit by the somewhat hypervenilation over this. I’m shocked someone did some hacking”. That by the way was Clapper being sarcastic for you liberal idiots out there that don’t know the difference between sarcasm and regular speech.


I think it’s fascinating that while the president, the Democrats’ nominee, and all of the folks in attendance at the Dems’ convention were ready to hang Russia for a crime, the one guy that actually knows what’s going on is taken aback by the over-reaction to this. What this would tell people with half a brain is that it was an “oops moment” for the Democrats. They once again, got caught with their pants down, doing something they shouldn’t have, and they needed to get people’s attention off of the emails and on to something else. I’m really surprised they didn’t claim that Donald Trump himself hacked the emails. Then Hillary and Bobo could have used THAT in their speeches.


This whole past week has shown America that a) Democrats aren’t as “unified” as they wanted us to believe they are; b) they aren’t nearly as moral or ethical as they’d like us to think they are; c) they lie with the same veracity of Hillary Clinton; and d) the only thing they care about is winning the election because they know eight years of Obama goes down the tubes if Hillary loses. It also tells me that you can’t trust them to play by the rules. If you can’t trust them to be fair and honest when it comes to people in their own party, how in hell can you trust them to be fair and honest when it comes to going up against the very people who want to basically wipe the past eight years out of our memories? The answer is, you can’t.


I certainly hope Paul Manafort tells Donald Trump that he’d better start hiring lawyers right now to watch every polling place in America. You can’t trust this crew any farther than you can throw them. They have proven themselves to be dishonest, disreputable, unethical, amoral, and total liars when it comes to fairness and the truth. And all this time I just thought Hillary was that way! Geesh…I need to wake up!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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