Dems Try To Make Hay Out Of Garbage

I get it that we’re in a political season. I get it that in a political season the gloves come off, and that attacks are thrown. And I get it that you can’t take what anyone says as fact. Someone should tell that to Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of the murdered Army soldier that made a mockery of themselves at the DNC. Oh, don’t get me wrong…anti-Trump folks loved their impassioned, if not albeit misguided plea. But they need to funnel their grief in a different direction. And they need to actually listen to what Trump was saying. Because in the end analysis…these two, grief-stricken as they are…are dead ass wrong.

First of all, Khan held up a copy of the constitution (at least that what we think it is…it could have been a plan ticket to Kabul). He said that Donald Trump never read the constitution. I guess my question would be, “Do you even KNOW that or are you making political rhetoric? Are you lying, like your nominee is doing? Or do you know for a fact that he’s never read the constitution? Seems amazing to me that the liberal mainstream press has never thought to ask such a Journalism 101 question!

Trump has repeatedly said, as has running mate Mike Pence, that Army captain Humayan Khan was a hero. There’s no question about that. But this has all the believability and credibility of the Rose Garden Ceremony with Bobo Obama and Beau Bergdahl, who everybody claimed was a hero…only to find out later that the people that served with him were right…the guy was a fruitcake and nowhere near “hero status”. This one is starting to have the same bad smell to it.

Look, it’s one thing to grieve for a dead son, I get that. But it’s quite another to start going on all of the talk shows after the convention and start playing up this whole angle of being anti-Trump. That’s where the truth starts to shine. If this guy and his wife had showed up at the convention, made their speech, and left, and let Trump take his pot shots, Trump WOULD have been the bad guy. But when the two of them start showing up on the talk shows the Monday after the convention ends, and start talking trash about Trump again, that’s where the garbage smells like it’s been sitting out in the hot sun for a month. Now you start to understand there’s something besides grieving parents going on here. This is nothing more than a well-orchestrated Democrat campaign to smear Trump any way they can. Hey, give the Dems credit…it was a good move. But like all liberals, they took it too far. Had they not started going on the morning talk show circuit, I would have been on their side on this one and believed it. Now? Now, they are no better than Hillary lying about her emails, or Little Debbie lying about HER emails (what is it with Democrats and emails anyway???).

The addendum to the story is interesting as well. Khan now says he wants OUT of the limelight. He’s tired of being the media darling. Of course, he went on television to say that. Tell me this guy isn’t in it for himself! Khizr, the way out of the limelight is easy. STAY HOME and don’t accept invitations to go on these talk shows. It’s relatively easy to do!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Dems Try To Make Hay Out Of Garbage

  1. What is sad about this is that dems seem to do just about ANYTHING to push their agenda (Yes, Rep have done their fair share as well). Now, my heart truly goes out to anyone who loses someone, especially a child, but why this needed to turn political, other than to bash Trump, is beyond me.

    • Agreed. And I NEVER would have felt this way had he said his piece at the convention and left it at that. But when you continue by making the talk show rounds, then it tells me you’re in it for the attention, not the grieving.

  2. The guy is an immigration lawyer, sells passes to the U.S. to immigrants……mostly Muslims. So there is more to it, its about Trumps anti-Muslim (terrorists) policy. He also supports Sharia law and word is circulating he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yeah it stinks……..a total Democratic/Clinton smear job .

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