If It Wasn’t Such A Big Deal…

Would you just up and quit your job because you felt like it? Would you quit it because someone else did something wrong? How about another country? Let’s say Russia stole your biggest client, or somehow made your company look very foolish in front of the entire nation. Would you quit your job? Would you quit after you told the world that it wasn’t that big of a deal, and that you were exposed of something not criminal, but really, really bad? Apparently the Democrat National Committee feels it bad enough to kick out their top three officers.

Remember the whole “Russia hacked our email system” ballyhoo during the DNC convention? Remember how the impetus wasn’t on the fact that Hillary had the DNC basically throw her the nomination, but the fact that it was “Russia’s fault”, even though Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, himself a Democrat and an Obama appointee said that he had no idea it was Russia, and nobody else did either. Remember the whole thing about Donald Trump saying sarcastically, “Hey Russia, if you’ve got Hillary’s 30,000 emails she deleted, show them to the press”, got spun into Trump trying to tell a foreign government to “spy on a presidential candidate”, and that “our national security is at risk because of it”; even though the only thing in those 30,000 emails according to Hillary herself were yoga routines and Chelsea’s wedding plans, neither of which qualify for “national security”. Well, apparently, it WAS big enough for DNC CEO, Amy Dacey; CFO, Brad Marshall; and Communications Director, Luis Miranda to step down from their posts. Hmm…and I thought this was Trump’s fault!

Now the facts come out, and it is exactly what the GOP and Bernie Sanders said all along. Imagine that! The Democrats don’t just have a liar at the top of their ticket…they are riddled with liars all throughout their organization! Who would have thought that? This has the makings of another Watergate type of scandal…except the national liberal mainstream media won’t have anything to do with it because they can’t afford to have Hillary lose. So, I doubt you’ll see more than a mention of it anywhere on mainstream TV, and certainly not in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Those guys don’t know how to put “scandal” and “Democrats” together in the same sentence. Forget the fact someone hacked the DNC…that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the fact that the DNC itself tried to rig an election by screwing Bernie Sanders out of the chance to win the nomination. THAT is the real story here. Of course, to Democrats who have “waited so long to have a woman president”, even if that means a liar and a crook as a president, they’re willing to look the other way. THAT says a lot about Democrats lack of morals and a total lack of ethics. And that is exactly why in this year of outsiders winning everything in sight, Hillary will lose!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “If It Wasn’t Such A Big Deal…

  1. Big surprise huh? Not. What chaps my hind end is that although ‘blame’ has clearly been now correctly represented by kicking out the three top officers, the damage has already been done to Trump. Sadly, most of America’s masses get their info from commercials, regurgitated rhetoric and biased news outlets. Hell, most don’t have the wherewithal (or the give-a-damn) to put two and two together to realize that Trump has been vindicated on so many levels over the past months! THOSE are the folks that need to be reached…but how do you make that horse drink? Sigh.

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