Can The Media Make Up For Hillary’s Shortcomings?

Oh, it happens every four years around this time. The media tries it’s damndest to elect the next president. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they can somewhat hide their bias…most times they can’t.

I remember back in the 2000 election when George W. Bush was running against Al “Save The Earth” Gore. I was watching Fox News and they were talking about Florida. They had originally given Florida to Gore, and the blonde bimbo that was there did a fist pump and said under her breath, “YES!” Of course, Florida ended up going to Bush by about 500 votes and so did the election. And yes, liberal friends, numerous recounts done by independent and left-leaning organizations (like the NY Times) have said that yes…Bush DID win that election…more on that later.

Anyway, this year the media is in a frenzy for Clinton. It’s not so much that they want her because I really don’t think they do. After all, the media is in it for a story, and the one thing Clinton won’t be is media-friendly. After all, she’s had one press conference, in December, where she has taken a total of seven questions. Trump holds a press conference every 20 minutes. It’s one reason he can be outspent 35 to 1 and still get his message across. It’s called being media-savvy. But the media still doesn’t like him, because if they say anything against him, he goes ballistic on them, and they don’t like that. Well, that and the fact, he’s a little more conservative the Clinton is. Can you imagine what they’d be saying if Ted Cruz had actually gotten the nomination?

And that leads in to the point of the day. We Americans are the ones that elect the president of the United States, not the media. As a former member of said group, I’m disgusted at the biased diatribe coming from the television and print media over the coverage of this election so far. Case in point, you’ve got a mother whose son was killed in Benghazi because Hillary Clinton failed at her job and she addressed the Republican convention. She was basically ignored or panned (depending on the media) in the press. Then you’ve got some idiot liberal whose son…a true hero, mind you…was killed in Iraq. This guy not only goes to the Democrats’ convention and trashes Trump (which was ok…that’s what Democrats do), he then goes on the TV talk circuit to continue his tirade AFTER the convention. The media eats it up. And what happens after a few days of TV talk? The guy complains that he wants to go back into the shadows and leave the limelight. Well, that’s relatively easy, dude. You don’t go on TV to announce that you don’t want to be on TV anymore. You just fade away. Am I missing something here?

No, the media bias is out in force. The good thing for Trump is, he’s had a lot of experience in dealing with this group, and he’s emerged a winner when absolutely no one thought he could a year ago. He knows how to get people to go for him, and he’s a winner. His opponent? Not so much. Never succeeded at anything in her life (except marrying Bill?).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “Can The Media Make Up For Hillary’s Shortcomings?

  1. “We Americans are the ones that elect the president of the United States, not the media.”

    Absolutely correct! American’s, however, have been struck with the “Dumbing Down Syndrom.” If you really tune into what a lot of American’s are saying and believing about our perspective presidential nominees then you almost have to assume the media is in control of the election, and in a big way. You and I, my friend, are old-school…We actually do our homework and can spot BS a mile away in most cases. We were taught discernment, to question things and not take them at face value. today, on the other hand, if you ask a voter why they believe what they believe they will more than likely tell you, “Because I read it on the internet (Do folks still by the paper anymore?),” or “I saw it on the news,” and never giving any of what they are told a second thought. To me, the real challenge is getting a new generation to care enough to question the powers that be, the status quo, and WAKE THE HELL UP or it just may very well be the media who decides this race. Think about it, you can recite a page of statistics to a Hillary fan and, to my utter dismay, they won’t have ANY of it! They will more than likely pick up their Hillary Sign and probably call you a conservative, racist bigot who doesn’t want a woman to have rights over her own body. LOL! Too harsh? 😉

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