Does GOP REALLY Want To Throw The Election?

I had to laugh when I saw on TV how the liberal mainstream press is having a field day declaring that the GOP is going to hold an “intervention” with Donald Trump in order to get him “back on track”, and that they are looking at their rules to decide how they choose someone else if he decides to drop out. What a bunch of liberal lies!

First of all, they don’t know Donald Trump very well if they think that he’s going to quit. If he was going to quit his run for the White House it would have been done last year, not after he’s cemented the nomination. I’d say Hillary has a better chance of quitting as more and more stuff comes out about her and her foundation.

Second, I really seriously doubt the GOP is trying to choose someone else. That would be the surest way I know of to throw the election to Hillary. And no, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe the BS out there that all of these Republicans are making their way to Hillary because of Trump. That’s more liberal spin trying to play politics. Look, Hillary is scared of Trump. She wants nothing to do with him because he’s coming after her. She carries a lot of baggage and he’s going to make her answer for all of it. The GOP may not be exceedingly happy with a lot of Trump’s off the cuff remarks about the Gold Star Family (which by the way it’s being reported that Khizr Kahn is an immigration attorney who doesn’t like the fact Trump is cutting into his business…what’s his business? Helping Muslim’s immigrate to the US!). It’s coming out that this guy is a supporter of Sharia Law, and has been involved in the deaths of women in Islamic countries. Yeah…he’s a noble warrior for the cause, isn’t he?

Third, do you think Hillary hasn’t had an “intervention” with her campaign staff? She makes as many if not more gaffes than Trump… and the only difference is, she lies about it on the backside trying to cover it up. Yes, I do believe the GOP is trying to hold some sort of “Come To Jesus” meeting with The Donald. I would too. He’s off message, and the longer he stays away from the difference between him and Hillary, and the fact she represents a third Obama term, and four nominees to the Supreme Court, he’s going to continue to slide in the polls. When Trump stays on message, he goes up. When he strays, he goes down. It’s that simple. He needs to stay on message and teleprompter and forget this ad-libbing crap that gets him into trouble. He’s got time to turn it around…but he can’t afford to waste any time screwing around at this point.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Does GOP REALLY Want To Throw The Election?

  1. Well Desert, yes the GOP does want to throw the election as they allowed an obtuse clown like Rumpelthinskin to be their nominee. The RNC could have stopped him the day he announced but since he was voicing what Republicans had been using code words for since the days of Tricky Dick from Yorba Linda, Reince (Casper Milquetoast) let this out of control hay wagon just roll on. Now you have the worst Republican candidate since Gen. James C. Fremont, The Pathfinder (hint, he was always getting lost and find out how he became a general).

    But let’s get to the meat of your lies, er, post which is Mr. Kahn. Mr. Kahn is not the immigration attorney you repeatedly say. I do not know where you do your research, probably Fake New, Drudge, Breibart or WND. I personally like M-H as it gives a complete legal biography. Had you actually read this or any of the fact challenged people who read your posts, you would have found out that Mr. Khan had a law degree from University of Lahore, practiced there awhile and then emigrated to UAE where hw handled legal issues for expatriates, most likely Muslims. Holy Crap, solving immigration issues for Muslims emigrating to a Muslim country. He and his family then emigrated to the U.S., he attended Harvard graduating with another law degree which allowed him to practice in the U.S. He worked for top law firms and was a noted expert in electronic discovery. He is now retired.

    So, like Bankruptcy Boy’s secret Iran movie feature that only he saw which turned out to be, a lie, for which he sort of, kind of apologized, I believe you should post something similar. Of course, I really do not believe you will do it because Republicans, especially conservatives do not do that.

    • Actually, Khan isn’t retired. He’s still freelancing and working. As for your observations on Trump, I’m not disagreeing. And Hillary has to be the worst Democrat to seek the office since…geez…I’m at a loss. There is no one that bad!

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