The $400 Million Boondoggle

Well, I wasn’t going to say a word about this because frankly if anybody in their right mind felt that Obama was telling the truth and not doing the “Okey-Dokey Shuffle” at his press conference the other day, they need to stop taking whatever medication they are currently on…it’s altering their reality plane. But in hindsight, and the fact that once again, the story is turning into another Obama Scandal (funny… we haven’t many since Hillary left Secretary of State!).

First and foremost, when one of the hostages that was released says that he sat on a tarmac in Iran for two hours while they were “waiting for another plane to land”, it’s pretty clear that even if the US government didn’t think that this was a “ransom” payment, the Iranians did. That’s exactly how ransom payments are made. So, you can do the Okey-Dokey Shuffle all you want, but in reality, that comment from one of the actual hostages speaks volumes…the science is settled…the debate is over…period.

Second, how stupid must liberals think the rest of the country are in order to buy into this garbage that it was just a timing issue, and the reason we sent cash was because we didn’t have a banking relationship set up with Iran. They must think that the National Education Association got all “A’s” in dumbing down America in order for anybody with a brain and a heartbeat to buy that one! In all actuality, that is about as far from the truth as can be imagined. In fact, it’s such a big lie, I really would have expected it to come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth, not Bobo’s. If you’re sending a plane from DC to Switzerland to change the cash from dollars into other currency, you could have just as easily wire-transferred the money to the Swiss, and let them send it on to Iran. They DO have banking relations with the Iranians. So, that one doesn’t fly. There are ALWAYS ways to wire-transfer money anywhere you want to go. I called my bank when I heard of this stupid comment, and I asked them if it were possible for me to wire-transfer money to a relative in Tehran. They said it was. Hmmm…so I can do something the federal government can’t do? Interesting! Of course, until recently, it was ILLEGAL for the federal government to do any sort of financial transaction with Iran, but Bobo didn’t use that excuse.

So, we are once again in Bobo’s fantasy world where everything is going great, the world loves us, and those damn Republicans are the only ones that don’t believe every single word dripping out of Bobo’s mouth. Am I the only person that thinks it smells like pig crap? Somehow I don’t think so.

Let’s face it. It was a ransom payment. It was a negotiated settlement with terrorists. It went totally against the US government’s official position that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Just like we didn’t negotiate with Beau Bergdahl’s captives. It’s all because Barack Obama doesn’t have the stones to do what any other president in US history (including Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter) would have done! He didn’t have the stones to send in the military to get the job taken care of WITHOUT paying off the enemy. Totally a waste of carbon life form!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!