If Trump Is So Bad…

What an age we live in! Here we are after eight years of the slowest economic recovery in existence, a lame duck in the White House who really has done nothing positive (except I’ll give him doing away with the “pre-existing conditions” clause and the 26 year old who lives in Mom & Dad’s basement clause of Obamacare) in his term as president. We’ve watched racial violence explode over the past several years, when he swore he would “bring us all together”. We’ve watched the US become the laughing stock in the world’s eyes because we have a leader that a) can’t make a decision, and when he finally does he b) chooses the wrong option every time out of the box. And yet…the Democrat nominee for president, who wants more than anything to continue the Obama administration for another four years can’t seem to gain any traction against one of the worst Republican candidates of all time.

The latest LA Times/USC poll shows exactly what the Trump campaign has been saying for the past week. They had a miserable week as Trump spent his time lambasting Gold Star Families, and making gaffe after gaffe before being hauled in for the ubiquitous “intervention”. The polls showed him tanking, and Hillary having up to a 15 point lead on him! And Paul Manafort’s only reply was to be patient…that the convention bounce was only going to be temporary. And it appears Manafort is right. The new LA Times/USC poll (which by the way, was heavily skewed to Democrats), shows Clinton with a one point lead.

In this era of who can make the last mistake loses, it seems that neither candidate can get the traction they need to pull ahead. IF Donald Trump can stay on message (and that’s a HUGE “if”), he would be up by 20 points by now. IF Hillary Clinton really had the Democrats on board as she said she would, when Trump has apparently pissed off a third of the GOP, she should be up 20 points by now. Neither has happened, which tells me one thing. America wants nothing to do with either of them.

If there was ever a campaign that showed the lesser of two evils, it’s this one. The Republican candidate made it through a 17 person primary season by stealing the media limelight. The Democrat candidate made it through a four person primary (yeah…remember…there WERE two others running for a while), because the DNC had decided over a year ago to throw the nomination her way. Without those two situations, neither of these bozos would be running right now. And Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are having a field day with all of it. Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, and Stein, the Green Party candidate are out there giving speeches that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats care a whit about America…they only want to hold on to power. We’ve learned from both sides this year that is pretty much a true statement.

So, do you go for an over-blown ego maniac, who has to consistently go out in public wearing a muzzle? Or do you go with a convicted pathological liar, that even when there’s videotaped evidence of the FBI Director saying that she has been untruthful in her testimony before Congress and the FBI and the American public, she prefers to hear that he’s basically saying she’s been truthful all along. Wow… what a country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


12 thoughts on “If Trump Is So Bad…

  1. And now, to perhaps make things worse, Republican Evan McMullin is launching a presidential run against Trump. This, IMO, will do nothing but throw more chit on the proverbial fan and make it easier for Hildabeast to prevail. Although, here is a video of her recent odd behavior so things may be looking pretty grim at this point for her. (Listen to what her ‘bodyguard’ is instructing her! Wow…..

    • Body guard he may be as well; but this is the guy carrying the seizure injection meds. He has been referred to as her Medic/handler……………….You’re okay, keep talking.

      • Yes, I realized that after I commented… She needs the ‘handler’ part because America ‘Can’t Handle The Truth!’ (OK, cheap rip-off from A Few Good Men but I couldn’t resist!). Gosh, maybe I should get a handler..course, I don’t really have anything to hide but I could use one to keep me from putting my foot in my mouth! 🙂 🙂

    • I know there was a small, very small group of protesters there and she was staring at them. But she was lost! She wasn’t sure what she was even looking at ……….. It was a dementia pause.

      There were two physicians on Hannity last evening. They saw this video and the one from 6 months ago where she needed help walking up some stairs to a nursing home (isn’t that ironic). They believe, both of them agree, it appears she is suffering from her falls, one where she had a concussion. She is having awareness and balance issues. Symptoms of a severe concussion. ANOTHER WORDS BRAIN DAMAGE!

      • I sure don’t want to make fun of or ridicule anyone with health issues but damn woman! Do the right thing, anything else is nothing more than selfishness and deception. Oh, forgot we were talking about politics…my bad! 😉

      • Stories are surfacing that their is a Dr. report leak on Hillary; from the doc that treated her after her concussion from a couple of years ago. The report is she does have dementia, and the symptoms of seizures, loss of thought ……etc. are getting worse. The form of dementia and the symptoms are not curable. Will continue to get worse. This Dr. has been confirmed as being legit. No one has come out and said the Dr. did not treat her.

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