Is She Or Isn’t She…

The question needs to come out. Is she or isn’t she…and no, I’m not talking about an old 1960’s style TV commercial about whether or not she dyes her hair. I’m asking if Hillary Clinton IS or IS NOT healthy enough to become president. The media, the internet, they are all abuzz with this latest thing of a picture of the Hildabeast (thank you Lorra B. for the nickname!) getting help walking up the stairs. Well, it turns out that picture was snapped about six months ago…it’s not recent. But there have been several incidents throughout the recent past that have people wondering. And it’s a fair question.

Here’s the problem that the Hildabeast faces with all of this. First and foremost, nobody trusts her. She lies constantly, and she lies about lying. She’s still trying to clear up the mess she made this past Sunday with Chris Wallace when she says she “short-circuited” (what does that even mean?). And now there are more claims she’s not healthy. Of course, she’s produced documentation from a doctor that says she’s healthy enough to become president…and I guess that would be true if you want to compare her to a late term Garfield, or a William Henry Harrison. I mean, hell, anybody could be president if you’re going to do that! But it IS a question that America should have the answer to.

The problem is, we can’t trust her to give us an honest answer. See, this is a problem with lying about the emails from day one. Let’s go back to March 10, 2015. Had Hillary come to that podium at the United Nations and come clean. Had she said then it was a stupid mistake, how she was wrong, how she apologized for her error and how she’s learned from it, and would never make such a tragic mistake again, I think the whole email mess would have blown over. Instead, what she did was lie that she never sent or received confidential emails. That was a blatant lie. She said that it was done all the time. That was another blatant lie. And she said that she didn’t do anything wrong and everyone before her did it as well…again, a third blatant lie. Democrats will tell you that the email scandal was all trumped up (no pun intended), but in reality it isn’t. It shows a huge lack of character, and a more huge lack of trust. If you can’t trust your leader, they shouldn’t be leading. Period. And if you can’t trust them on the little stuff, you KNOW they’ll lie about the big stuff. And that’s Hildabeast’s dilemma. She’s lied on something that got blown way out of proportion, and now, we want to know about health issues, and we can’t trust anything her campaign says.

Is she or is she not healthy enough to be president? I have absolutely no idea. And neither do any of you. Hell, she probably doesn’t know. We have a right to know. But we never will. Will this be another scandal waiting to bite her in the ass? Time will tell…and until then, we just have to TRUST her? Nope. I’m not going there again…ever!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Is She Or Isn’t She…

  1. “She lies constantly, and she lies about lying.”
    Great line! Do we really want a president that can’t come clean on any level? Clearly, some want that and it boggles the mind.

    Now, if she isn’t ill then we have to be very curious about her crazy behavior…Weed? Pills? Alcohol? Tourette’s syndrom? Maybe she is just a weird individual. Whatever you decide one thing is clear… I don’t want a president who refuses, or simply has no ability, to tell the truth!

  2. 6 months ago isn’t that long ago, that those issues just went away…….not when she still needs assistance. An assistant is always nearby, and I don’t mean the SS. She seems to be spacing out, seems lost more often, than ever. I do know blood thinners can make you dizzy, vision cross occasionally (short term, just seconds or a moment); but you don’t lose awareness. She has been at the podium, with a blank stare, had no idea what was to happen next or possibly where the hell she was. I believe her health, not because of aging so much but her condition whatever condition her condition is in is just going to get worse. Much worse!

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong…I’m agreeing with you. Everyone is talking about “Pay to Play” as being the scandal that does her in…but I’m starting to think her own brain may be the thing that kills the campaign!

      • On the Today Show……..liberal as hell; they wanted to talk more about the Republicans wanting to spend their campaign fund on the congressional races rather than the presidential race since it is already lost. Hardly a mention of Pay to Play, if any, they hadn’t before I left the house at 7:10 Central Time this morning.

  3. Arlin…who owns The Today Show? It’s NBC (Nobody But Clinton). They are the most liberal of the four broadcast networks. They are owned by GE…who’s CEO is Jeff Immelt…who is a HUGE Obama supporter. Don’t be surprised by their bias. It’s inbred from the top!

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