Is It All A Show?

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The liberal mainstream media has longed been accused by conservatives as trying to boost this election for Hillary Clinton. Some haven’t even tried to deny it. Some that have some sense of objectivity left in their little fingers have. But The Hill (who employs Fox News contributor AB Stoddard) apparently falls into the former category. They photo-shopped a picture of Hillary speaking at a rally in St. Petersburg, Florida recently to try and show that the crowd was a lot larger than it really was.


Now, we all know that throughout the primary, Bernie Sanders outdrew Hillary in the numbers of people that would show up at his event. She would play to half-empty high school gymnasiums, and he would play to over-flowing stadiums. So how did he lose to her? Well, as we learned through the hacked emails from the DNC, the system was rigged…just as Sanders intimated throughout the campaign. What I find interesting is that she is STILL playing to half-filled venues, while Donald Trump is packing the place. There were 3,600 people at Cobo Hall in Detroit the other day when the Detroit Economic Club welcomed The Donald to town for his “major” economic speech. The picture on the right at the top is of the venue Hillary spoke at in St. Petersburg that has a capacity of 4,000 without seating. The actual door count of people that entered the rally? 171.


The point here is that all of the anti-Trump hype that you are hearing is being generated not by voters like you and me. It’s being generated by the media. Just like The Hill who ran a picture on the left showing an overflow crowd surrounding Hillary (none of whom were actually there)…the media are the ones that are trying to throw the election the Clinton. Will it work? It has in the past, and it has blown up in the past. Just remember one thing. The media has about as high a credibility number as does Hillary Clinton, or members of Congress. They aren’t the Walter Cronkite or Huntley/Brinkley of the past. No, they are now the partisan hacks trying to “change the world” and make “world peace” a dominating theme. In their view, there is no room for anyone other than a Democrat, and in their view, you can’t get liberal enough.


And that is the entire point here. Is this a free election or a media circus? As someone that spent a career in the media, I can tell you better than those that spent their careers on the outside looking in, that it IS a circus. And if you let the media win this time, even if you ARE for Hillary, you’re going to be sorry when the media decides that it’s time for a candidate you don’t like. The media doesn’t elect people in this country, they only report on it. Nor should they be influencing it. Oh, newspapers have done that for over a century, but they are all but dead. And they aren’t regulated. And nobody follows a newspaper endorsement anymore…at least nobody under the age of 85. People are more apt to think for themselves unless they are swayed by made-up stories about how one candidate is a monster and the other is all sugar and candy. The truth is, neither of these candidates are sugar and candy. And there is enough monster in both of them to go around. Just don’t trust the media…they aren’t playing fair!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



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  1. What a great point… “Is this a free election or a media circus?” Well, for all intent and purposes it is a media circus! The elections from yester-year (or maybe the sweet pull of nostalgia is blinding me?) sure seemed to have a lot more class and was about the OFFICE of president. Yes, there was mud-slinging. But even that seemed to have more integrity and class. LOL! I feel like the press is making a mockery of out institution and all THAT accomplishes is making us a mockery to the world. Respect seems long gone and replaced by viperous tongues and flat out “Who can persuade with the most lies”. It is painful to watch and be a part of.

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