6 thoughts on “Just Too Weird…

  1. Yes, yes, yes… I was going to do a piece on this and let it slip so I am glad you did DesertMan. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that ‘something fishy’ went on. Nothing in this administration or in this presidential race would surprise me, at least I don’t think it would…ugh.

  2. I believe in coincidences also, generally around conservatives not getting their facts such as they, straight.

    If you had done any sort of research on this and I am asking a lot, you would have discovered that the hack and the nearly 100 per cent certainty that it was done by the Russkies was done prior to the release by the Swedish pervert boy. If you had seen his interview on Real Time you would know that. You would also learn that Julian is hoping that the Great Orange Dope wins because he believes he can cut a deal of some sort, avoiding potential criminal charges in Sweden, jaw. Same for Edward Snowden currently residing in the land of borscht, vodka and oligarchs.

    As for Seth’s unfortunate termination, it was carried out by Arkansas State Troopers in concert with Vince Foster, Chandra Levy,Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison before being spirited out of the country by Amelia Earhart to avoid prosecution.

    • As Thomas Paine once said, “Arguing with someone that can’t include logic in their reasoning is like giving medicine to the dead”. A 21st century way to put it? “If someone is making a fool of themselves, the best way to argue with them is to get out of the way and let them finish the job.” I think I’ll take that advice.

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