What All The Bashing Gets You

I’ve never been a fan of Bill O’Reilly. One of the major reasons is because of all of the shouting. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I refuse to watch those talking head shows where the host baits the guest and then it becomes a shouting match. For that reason O’Reilly is off my list. And it seems that CNN could probably take a lesson from that.

The latest cable ratings are out. For like the 50th year in a row (even though they haven’t been around that long), Fox News Channel has topped the list, and not by just a little, but by an ever-widening margin. For the first time in about 50 years, CNN has slipped. They actually have been passed by a cable news station I didn’t know even existed until they hosted a Republican debate…MSNBC. I thought they had died a quick death eons ago. Apparently, it’s CNN, with its incessant bashing of Donald Trump that is pissing off viewers, not MSNBC!

The numbers show that MSNBC beats CNN is the prime 25-54 year old demo in primetime, but is still in 3rd during the day. CNN has always had decent numbers during working hours. But when you take “total viewers” into effect, it’s MSNBC over CNN all the way, and not by a little amount. At any given point in time during the daytime, MSNBC has 798,000 viewers to CNN’s 764,000. At night it becomes a blowout with MSNBC having 1,407,000 viewers at any given point to CNN’s 807,000.

I used to chide MSNBC for having fewer viewers nationally than I had listeners of my morning show in Toledo, Ohio! They’ve come a long way as the latest ratings have shown. But to be truthful, most of the “experts” in media are not saying it’s because of anything MSNBC has done, but because of the constant bashing of Donald Trump that CNN has undertaken. Well, that and the celebratory stories about Hillary Clinton while failing to provide an even hint of objective reporting on the race.

And that leads to a very interesting point. Fox News Channel widens its lead over the competitors, while the left cries that it’s Right Wing TV. Yet…they continue to lead by ever increasing numbers. Does the left blame it on the “dumbing down of America”? They have only themselves (and the AFT and NEA) to blame if that’s the case. I find it fascinating that when it comes to liberal media, newspaper seems to be the only successful left-wing media that can get their point out…and they’re a dying dinosaur. When you’ve got two liberal networks in CNN and MSNBC that combined can’t beat Fox News, what’s that say? It says that they are a LOT farther left than America. And all of the stories about this being a “Hillary year” could very well be over-blown. I’m not saying Trump wins in a landslide. He’s a worse candidate than either Mitt Romney or John McCain, and you know how I feel about them. But Hillary is a worse candidate than Donald Trump. The only thing she’s got going for her is she knows how to stick to the script. She should…she’s had to dodge countless scandals for the last 35 years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!