After All This…Dead Heet?

I find it hard to believe when you think about it. You’ve got NBC, CBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Huffington Post, some 75 GOP “leaders”, the entire Democrat party, including the President of the United States all coming out in opposition to Donald Trump. Yet according to the latest LA Times/USC poll, it’s Clinton by only 1 point! What does that tell us?

Well, for me it tells me a lot. It tells me the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. It tells me that Americans are really fed up with the system. It tells me that even though Donald Trump has stepped in more horse manure over the past two months than any farmer in the world, he is STILL within striking distance of Hillary Clinton. It tells me people really don’t want Hillary Clinton, but it tells me that she’s winning the war on defining what the campaign is about. If Trump were winning the definition war, the campaign would be over and he’d be up by 40 points.

Let’s look at these issues, shall we? The difference between the GOP and the Democrats is that the Dems always rally around their candidate whether they like them or not. Look at what a Democrat has to do to get ousted from office; something like Anthony Weiner. Now look at the Republicans. They eat their own with alarming ferocity. Same is true here, except the Dems have a “traditional” candidate and the GOP has an “outsider”.

Trump has made more miscues in this campaign since sewing up the primaries than I can imagine. Hell, Joe Biden had to drop out because of one accusation of plagiarism. John Edwards had to leave because of an affair. Same for Gary Hart. And Howard Dean only had to yell “EEEHAA” after winning Iowa’s caucus. If this were any other candidate from either side, they’d be dead meat long ago.

As far as the “definition war”, Clinton is taking a page right out of the 2012 Obama playbook. She’s attacking Trump rather than talking about the issues because she can’t win on the issues. She’s part of the problem, not the solution. So she speaks in platitudes and grandiose schemes and sweeping generalities rather than specifics. And she attacks Donald Trump at every turn, making this a referendum on Trump rather than an election about our future. And Trump is letting her do it. If he had the ability to control his message, with all of the publicity he gets, he’d stomp her into the ground in a week. That’s precisely what worries Clinton. Well, that and a few other issues.

Hillary is concerned about Pay To Play coming to the forefront. She’s concerned that the report on the military underselling ISIS and overselling the US’ ability to defeat them in short order is going to blow up in Obama’s face, and by partnership, her face. She is concerned that her health issues are going to get to the point where she can’t hide them anymore. And she is concerned that her alcohol problem is going to spin farther out of control. Lots to worry about over the next three months, wouldn’t you say?

All of that going on and Trump is only down by 1 point? Really?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “After All This…Dead Heet?

  1. Unfortunately, the hard liner GOP establishment is not backing Trump and will not vote for him #nevertrump campaign. Speaking of manure, when Trump said he could win without GOP support, well…that was a huge pile right there. It has me confused because lots of Clinton bashing out there. But little visible Trump support. Here is my question, when push comes to shove and the lever is pulled, will hardline GOP go Trump or nothing at all?

    • Actually Steve, I see a LOT of Trump support…just not in the old guard or in the media. Have you seen the people showing up at his rallies? Compare that with Hillary’s. She’s still drawing 100’s of people and Trump is still drawing thousands. I’m not quite ready to bring out my crystal ball, as there is an awful lot of stuff that could happen either way in this election yet…but I think when push comes to shove, a lot of the GOP that are screaming that they are going to vote for Hillary are going to stick with Trump. Somehow I just can’t see lifelong Republicans voting Democrat.

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