Why Is Hillary So Worried?


It would seem to me that if I were Hillary Clinton at this point in time, I’d be sitting pretty. Here I am, three months or so away from an election, I’m up in most polls (except that pesky LA Times/USC Poll!), and my opponent is a rather bumbling buffoon that keeps stepping on his male member. It seems he can’t get through a press conference without saying something stupid.

So why is Hillary Clinton worried?

How do I know she’s worried? Because frankly, she’s enlisting illegal aliens to help her boost the voter turnout. It IS what Trump warned about over the weekend. It IS what I’ve been warning about for about two months. You’ve got to watch every polling place. You’ve got to watch every move. These people are sneaky as hell, and they cheat any time they get the chance. So, Hillary has a lead in most polls, she has more money and more ground game organization than Trump, and he keeps stepping in it. AND she’s got the cheating part lined up having illegals vote when they aren’t supposed to.

Why is Hillary Clinton worried?

She’s worried because she’s afraid her health is going to give out before the vote gets here. She’s afraid that someone is going to look into her health, look into her alcoholism, look into her drug abuse with prescription medicine. She’s afraid someone is going to find something in the “Pay To Play” scandal that’s brewing. She’s afraid that Julian Assange and his people at WikiLeaks really do have all of those emails and really will pull an “October Surprise”. She’s afraid that Bill is going to do something as stupid as Trump on the trail and cost her the election. She’s afraid for a lot of things. She’s worried all of these DNC deaths are going to come out as not just coincidences.

Hillary Clinton needs to be very worried!

She needs to cover her bases because she knows that she’s a very poor candidate. She’s aware of the fact that the fate of the judicial branch is in her hands and if she screws it up, she screws up decades of decisions. She’s aware that if the GOP were to win the White House, AND maintain control of congress… well, you SAW what damage the Dems did in just two years! And she’s worried that Trump could actually fix foreign policy, and make Obama (and the Democrats by association) look like the fools they are when it comes to screwing up the view of the US abroad.

Actually, there’s a LOT for Hillary Clinton to be worried about. I wonder what medication she’s taking to get to sleep at night!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Why Is Hillary So Worried?

  1. And she SHOULD be worried. All hidden things eventually are reveled…You can only lie through your teeth so long before the gig is up and her gig is soon to be up I’m thinking.

  2. Lorra is right. Even the “smartest” criminals get busted someday. If they get away with everything for the rest of their lives, they’ll be the first.

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