More Bad News For Obamacare…

Well, come on. You KNEW this was going to happen. Earlier this year, United Healthcare announced that they were severely curtailing the markets (states) that they’d be participating in as far as Obamacare was concerned. It was just a few weeks later that Humana came out with a similar announcement. Now apparently, the other of the “Big Three” health insurers in this country is following suit.

And Obamacare is teetering on the brink of destruction because of it.

It was just announced by Aetna that they would be dropping eleven states from its current roster of 15 as an Obamacare provider. That means they’ll just be in four states in 2017. And of courses, prices are expected to rise dramatically. So all three of the largest health insurers in the country are getting out of Obamacare care, either altogether or for the most part. And what’s that mean for you?

Probably not a damn thing.

See, most people aren’t even IN the exchanges. They only get about 9 million people (even though in 2016 they were supposed to be up around 20 million…they had to revise that number down, first to 15 million and then to 10 million. They missed both goals by a wide margin. So the mere fact that Obamacare is going into its third year without some big players probably won’t impact you at all. At least not on the surface. What will impact you is what happens if the whole shebang goes under. Here’s how.

First of all, you know Democrats. They never met a program that they funded that reached the end of its useful life. You fund it forever regardless if its good, bad, or ugly. Obamacare, depending on who you are, is all three. It’s for a few folks because it does away with pre-existing conditions (at a rather steep cost) and allows parents to keep their deadbeat sons and daughters who are living in the basement because they can’t find full-time work because of Obamacare on their policies until they reach 26 (also at a rather steep cost). It’s bad because it has dragged the entire insurance industry down to dust. And it’s ugly because it was set up to do exactly that. You can’t have single-payer healthcare if you have a bunch of insurance companies out there selling insurance policies! You have to get rid of them somehow.

There are major problems for Obamacare going forward. First of all, whomever wins the White House isn’t going to be able to unilaterally run Obamacare or change it into a single-payer system without Congress. I know there has been talk about the Senate going back to the Dems, but that’s a ways off, and the Dems still need both houses in order to pass any healthcare legislation (other than do away with Obamacare altogether). The future for federally mandated healthcare isn’t that bright. The future for single-payer healthcare is worse yet. It’s time for the GOP to come up with a realistic plan that solves the problem for the uninsured without any more over-bloated, taxpayer wasting programs like Obamacare. They need to let the private sector solve the problem. That’s what private sector businesses do best…and governments do worst. Don’t believe me? Look at the mess Medicare/Medicaid and the Veterans’ healthcare system is in. You don’t trust government to do something that is already being done in the private sector. They’ll screw it up every time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Obamacare is the single biggest heaping of dog-dung proposed by this administration. This country is beyond screwed because of it and falls deeper in debt by the minute. Very nice job Mr. OBNOXIOUS!! I think this has been the longest 8 years of my life.

  2. My mother is 83 and in poor health, heart and circulation issues, has been like this for many years. She is on Social Security with Medicare and a supplement from my father’s employer. Once, when on the employer’s insurance plan…….they paid for very little, small co-pays and deductible. After my father retired then passed on, mom stayed on the coverage…….it was great. But then they dropped the surviving spouses to the supplement…..a product of Obamacare. She has a specific medication that you can not get in generic. For awhile it was $30.00 a prescription……. then $40.00, now $120.00. That’s with the Pharmaceutical insurance coverage. At one time they tried to charge over $400 for a prescription…… Insurance company did fight that one. GOD BLESS THEM! My sister called me (mom lives under her care), said the only reason she paid the $30 and $40 charges was because she had met the deductible. Now the deductible is at a $3,000.00 level. When she pays a favored co-pay on the prescription for a limited number of times……. the deductible goes to the next level; which will be $4,000.00. It you don’t meet the deductible you pay the next level co-pay which is now $120.00. It just keeps going up. They are making it impossible for people to afford. There is always going to be that next level……… they want the elderly, poor in health to go without ………just fade away. The thing is, none of this is ever explained to you, the different levels…….you happen on it by surprise or just shock. A disaster is putting it mildly. I am not sure I could be in the same room with Obama……without wanting to just pound his face in.

    • It has nothing to do with insurance, my friend…it has EVERYTHING to do with power and control. The more the left can control of your life, the fewer freedoms you have. They can’t tamp down an insurrection if they can’t control you.

  3. Well desert, I apologize for missing a few days as I have been pushing my knee rehab to the limits, along with the accompanying pain. Wouldn’t recommend this for anybody, but if your knee was as bad as mine, this was the correct decision. That said, let’s move on.

    First, I literally feel the pain of Lutrell’s mom as I spend a ton of money on drugs and when you hit the donut hole, it is even worse. That said, Lutrell is confusing Medicare and supplement policies with the ACA, they are different. The Part D drug coverage is from Dubya as a tacky way to get the senior vote in 2004. One of the provisions of that law was that Medicare could not negotiate drug prices and the donut hole. Thanks George for all you have done we seniors, butthead. Now the ACA does come into play in that annually for the next four years or so not exactly sure, the donut hole closes a bit more each year until it disappears. As for drug prices, that would take a revision to the law, which means it will not happen as Republicans just hate Obama and will screw seniors just to make their point. You wonder why I think Republicans are basically self serving a holes. Moving on.

    You should have really titled this blog, Pig at the Trough, as that is what really is. As you know I am a numbers guy, so after wiping away my tears from Aetna’ s sob story, I went to their financials and you will not believe what I found. Between 2011 and 2015, Aetna had a total net income of $9.99 billion, but what is more telling is that between 2011 and 2013 their net income was flat, about $1.9 billion per year. Now Obamacare comes along and they start making a shitload of money, about $2.4 billion per year totaling a net profit of over $4.445 billion for 2014 and 2015. But the good news doesn’t stop there, their net profit for the first 6 months of 2016 is $1.4 billion putting them on track for another year of record profits. Now what they say about losing money in the exchanges is true as it is a limited high risk pool and they knew that going because they help write the ACA. What they were not truthful about, an insurance company not being truthful!, was the ton of money they were making on the government website which is a more diversified risk pool. Yes Virginia, Obama saved Aetna’s ass from a financial standpoint by supplying them the organic growth they needed. You can thank liberals for this any time you want, but I do not expect it as conservatives absolutely despise a successful liberal program.

    For your unwashed masses out there I spent 30 years in insurance and mu ex worked for the Blues in Chicago. If your minions want to check my work, google Aetna financial statements and you will see the annual reports. They are voluminous but look for the profit and loss statement then look for the net profit line or what is commonly known as the bottom line. that is the profit they make each year. For what are known as interim statements a/k/a quarterly statements, google Aetna quarterly statements and look in the same place. Yes boys and girls, a flaming g liberal who not only knows what he is talking about, but can prove it, just takes a little research, try it some time.


    Class dismissed.

    • So, it’s NOT ok for an insurance company that is set up as a “for-profit” company to make as much money as they possibly and legally can? Hmm…I wonder what happened when you went in for an annual raise? Did you ever get one? I think that these companies are entitled to make a profit, and the last I checked, we still live in a free-market society where profit is good. I understand in a communist way of thinking that’s not right…that they must somehow be taking the profit out of the mouths of some poor South-Side mother on welfare who watches Oprah Winfrey and Ellen reruns all day, but that’s not the way the real world works. I’m surprised you didn’t know that!

  4. Sorry for some typos as I am laying on my back with machine bending my left leg while holding the computer in my right hand and typing one fingered with my left hand, Not easy, but try it some time.

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