Obama’s $400 Million Lie

Well, apparently the truth came out yesterday. State Department spokesman, John Kirby had to admit to the world, what we have known for a month or so. That $400 million payment that the Obama administration made to the Iranians…you know…the one that kept the five hostages on the ground until the plane showed up? Well, Kirby admitted on Thursday that yes, it was indeed a cash for hostage situation. But he stopped short of calling it “ransom”. It happened to be “a convenient window to leverage our position in order to get our hostages freed”. Huh?

Well, I checked at freedictionary.com. It lists two definitions of the word “ransom”; a. The release of property or a person in return for payment of a demanded price; and b. The price or payment demanded or paid for such release. Seems to me that Kirby needs a dictionary.

What is most troubling isn’t that five Americans were freed…it isn’t that we even negotiated with terrorists and paid a ransom. What is most troubling in my mind is that once again, this administration has lied to the American people after getting caught with its hand in the cookie jar. Once again, Obama’s gang of thugs have negotiated with terrorists, something Bobo himself has sworn we do not do, and yet he did…and then had the lack of balls to stand up like a man and admit when he was wrong. This is the mark of a very poor and weak leader, and it’s one more in an ever-growing long line of examples that this president isn’t fit for office, and neither are the people he has been employing.

Let’s be very clear on this issue. America does not negotiate with terrorists, and America does NOT pay ransom to foreign countries deemed our enemy to release illegally detained hostages. At least Jimmy Carter didn’t try to pay Iran money to free the hostages back in the late 70’s. I’ll at least give the guy that was the worst president in US history that much credit. This guy has not demonstrate one iota of balls, one iota of leadership, or one iota of common sense when it comes to dealing with others. And the reason is very clear…he has never held a true job outside of politics. He has never had to deal with others and work with others. He’s bullied and rammed his way through life thinking he could sweet talk nations into doing his will like he sweet-talked the brothers on the South Side of Chicago.

Impeachable offense? Probably. Will it be? Nope. There isn’t enough time. But anybody that is thinking that Hillary Clinton is going to be any better than this guy needs to be reminded that she set the groundwork for his foreign policy. She was the one that pulled the trigger on Egypt’s screw up, Libya’s overthrow of Gaddafi, Syria’s entire abortion, the Russian Re-set, and on and on and on. This is just the latest example of why you can’t trust a Democrat. Donald Trump may not be the most brilliant candidate in the history of politics, and I’m the first to admit he’s far from it, but he would never be pulling the illegal and immoral stunts the Democrats in office have pulled over the past 7 ½ years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Obama’s $400 Million Lie

  1. 400 million dollar lie? Heck, that’s tiddlywinks for President Obama. See: http://bit.ly/SCHIPtax

    Since making that statement, Obama’s been raking in close to A THOUSAND MILLION A MONTH (60 cents per pack per day from 40 million smokers) from American pre-packaged smokers, and an unknown huge amount from the poorest smokers, those who roll their own and got hit with an unprecedented-in-history 2,300% tax increase on loose tobacco.

    In total, the SCHIP tax has probably taken a figure approaching A HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION dollars from smokers in the past seven years.

    Yet Obama went on national TV and stated quite clearly that he believed he hadn’t raised taxes on any “People” in the U.S.

    Regardless of who smokers like or don’t like among the candidates for other reasons, by this lie alone they should refuse to vote for Obama’s desired successor, Hillary. Heh, if people think she lies BEFORE she gets into office, can you imagine what would happen AFTER she got in?

    – MJM

    • Not a smoker, but I empathize with your plight. It kinda goes against the grain of “I won’t raise taxes one thin dime on anyone making less than $250,000 a year”, huh? If big government can find a way to tax any pleasure anyone wants, they’re going to do it. I’m surprised lottery tickets aren’t taxed to the hilt!

  2. Well desert, it was their money and look on the bright side, he didn’t sell them missiles like Reagan did.

  3. Desert, in regards to Reagan, he proudly said we don’t negotiate for hostages and then did. Difference between Reagan and Obama is that Reagan committed treason as defined by the Constitution (look it up), while he had lyin Ollie run an illegal war in Central America. My personal highlight of 8 years of bozo Ronnie is that he did not describe himself as a jelly donut in Berlin. Although there was that strange visit in Bitburg. Bitte ein Bit!

    • See…Snark, you can’t back your own guy ever…you just always turn toward tearing someone else down. Why not defend what Obama did? You can’t. Reagan’s dead…leave him buried. Get in the now.

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