Obama’s REAL Legacy?

If you face facts, and don’t play politics, Barack Obama has five months and one day left before he leaves office. Hell, even if you play politics with it, that’s how much time is left in his term. And the closer he gets to the end, the less he’s going to be able to accomplish. Lately he’s been striking out left and right with Congress, who are finally getting a backbone and standing up to him. But what’s his REAL legacy? Let’s look!

22 Officially Noted Scandals: Most of these occurred in the first term. In fact, most of these had something to do with Hillary Clinton. It’s amazing that since she’s been gone, while there have been errors and glaring lapses of judgement on the part of the Obama administration, they’ve been relatively, but not completely scandal-free. Of course, it’s coming out that they’ve lied to the American people a LOT more than anyone would have guessed. And it kind of blows out of the water Obama’s campaign promise (or shortly after his campaign) that his would be the “most transparent administration in history”. Yeah…right…

Obamacare: While it has done two things (and only two things) that are seen as positive by pretty much everybody, it was a hell of a price to pay for them. Though “pre-existing conditions” and allowing unemployed, basement-living kids up to 26 years old to be on their parents policy (primarily because they couldn’t find work because of Obamacare!), the healthcare act has been a horrendous mistake… one of the worst in presidential history. It has never covered the number of people it said it was going to cover, and most of those on their “exchanges” are actually people that originally HAD individual insurance, but got thrown off of their policies, because of Obamacare. Add to that all but two insurance exchanges are belly-up or heading that way, and now there isn’t a major insurer on a majority of the exchanges, and you’ve got a boondoggle.

Immigration: While Obama, like most liberals would love to think that if they open the borders to just everybody, then those folks will vote Democrat, it just doesn’t happen that way, and they are once again, wrong. Of course, the Supreme Court has joined in that it’s also illegal. So, you can’t re-write immigration law from the White House, no matter how much you try. All you end up doing is getting your DOJ in trouble.

Department of Justice: Throughout our history, with very few exceptions, you’ve been able to have a non-partisan Justice Department that was able to fairly administer justice. Not so any longer. Between the two racist AG’s we’ve had, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, we’ve seen incredible racial bias, and even worse political interference in their decisions. It’s been a big stain on the United States’ history that will take decades to wipe clean.

Foreign Policy: Oh, I could write a whole 5,000 word essay on just this one alone. Because of his upbringing, Obama cares little for others outside our borders (unless they want to vote illegally here). And his policy of being so naive shows it. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Russia, Crimea, Libya, the list is endless. He has taken a relatively strong foreign policy and turned it into mush thanks to two of the worst Secretaries of State in history. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were not qualified to be in that position in the first place, and have stumbled through countless errors and gaffes on their way to making America a laughing stock. Want to vote for Hillary because you don’t like Trump? Look at her foreign policy accomplishments and tell me that you still want to vote for her. If you do, you’re an idiot pure and simple.

I’m out of room. I could go on for days. But gladly, we as a nation must move on from an eight year nightmare. Hopefully, we can make it just five more months and at least come to our sense that we don’t make the same terrible mistake again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!