Photo Voter ID? What’s The Big Deal?

So North Carolina has appealed to John Roberts of the Supreme Court to overturn a liberal appelatte court which said they can’t use photo voter ID’s in the November election (which the Supreme Court has said they can). I thought it might be interesting to look at all things you CAN’T do without a photo ID:

adopt a pet
purchase a home
purchase an automobile
purchase a gun
voter fraud Things You Are Required to Have an ID for
obtain a bank account
obtain a credit card
obtain a passport
write a check
make a credit card purchase
apply for a loan to purchase anything
to prove your age
to get married
to receive a marriage license
to drive
to buy a house
to close on a house
to get medical care
to get on a plane
to get insurance on anything
to get a job
to get a post office box
to get a hunting license
to get a fishing license
to get a business license
to cash a paycheck
rent an apartment
rent a hotel room
rent a car
rent furniture
rent tools and equipment
receive welfare
receive social security
receive food stamps
buy cigarettes
buy alcohol
buy a bus ticket
buy a cell phone
buy any antihistimine
go in to a casino
go in to a bar
go to college
have your water turned on
have your electricity turned on
have your cable turned on
have your gas turned on
obtain trash pick up service
pick up a package from the post office
pick up a package from fed ex
pick up a package from ups
pick up a prescription

Yeah. I can see why it’s such a big deal!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “Photo Voter ID? What’s The Big Deal?

  1. Well Desert, I had been waiting for this Republican talking point for a long time. What’s the big deal? Actually it is a couple things.

    First it solves a problem that does not exist, voter fraud except in the simple minds of Republicans. Since 2006 election there have been less than 450 cases and most of those were the result of mix ups at the polling place. The only true case I know of is in Wisconsin where little Scotty Walker sent one of his operatives to commit voter fraud in 2012 and was caught immediately. He spilled the beans on the plot and was convicted. Scott Walker wants to be president and he still pulling the same hijinks he did at Marquette, were he never graduated and left under questionable circumstances.

    The second is more ominous, voter suppression. Once Justice Roberts, along with Slappy Thomas and the rest of the right wing judicial activists declare that discrimination was over in the South (these boys really should have taken a drug test), new voter ID laws were introduced in these States along with other Northern States led by knuckle dragging governors an legislatures within hours of the decision. While they claimed they were protecting the sanctity of the vote, which we all know was bullshit, the real reason was to prevent minorities from voting. As we have seen the Supreme Court saw through this charade and these laws have been struck down. Thank you for dying Justice Scalia, you saved democracy as a result.

    So there you have it and if your follwers wish to discuss further, I am ready.

    Same pain, different day.

    • Thanks Snarky…typical liberal “nothing to see here folks, move along” line. The problem is, no one can trust your candidate to play fair or tell the truth on anything (see tomorrow’s blog for the latest crap to hit the fan…by an Obama appointed judge!). If, as you say, there’s no fraud, what do you have to worry about? Answer: Losing elections!

  2. Desert, and Trump is the modicum of fairness (check out the new rent is charging RNC for his office Rump Towers) and never lied about anything during this campaign. Not one lie about anything.

    “If there is no fraud, what do you have to worry about” sounds like something the police would say during questioning, i.e., “if you are innocent then what do you need a lawyer for? We will not hold anything against you.” If there no problem, then why do you need another law?

    P. S. You do realize that Trump is batshit crazy don’t you?

    • I know Trump isn’t a politician. I think I know more about politics than he does. I also know that there isn’t a big deal asking people for a photo ID in order to vote. It’s life in the 21st Century! Or perhaps, you’d like to swing the borders open and let the world vote?

  3. So because it is the 21st Century, that is the pretext for me showing an ID? There is an interesting case out of Kansas, that Crucible of Conservatism, being heard by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on voter ID. Kansas will lose this one an enter the Hall of Shame with the other loser States. I always likes good news.

    • Tis better to live in the 19th century, huh? How about if we implant a chip into every legal citizen? It would be free and we could go door to door so the poor and the homeless wouldn’t have to find a DMV in order to get a photo ID. Would that work for you? Probably not…you can’t jam the ballot box that way either, can you?

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