New Taxes Coming Your Way!

Because Obamacare was the first thing that “taxed” you (according to John Roberts) for NOT having something, this has opened up a whole new can of taxes that can be foisted on the American public. Want some ideas?

How about being taxed for NOT having blue eyes? Maybe a tax on people who don’t use their right hand to write letters? Don’t have an Apple I-Phone? That’s ok… we can tax you for that too. Let’s see…how about if you drive something other than an American made car (not a car made IN America, but what the liberal left SAYS is American made…which is code for union-made. We can tax you for that as well.

Hell, let’s go all the way, shall we? If we’re going to be taxed as the Supreme Court says the Obama Administration can do for NOT having health insurance, why can’t the Obama Administration pass a tax on NOT voting for Hillary in the upcoming election? Say, maybe 50% of your wealth? Don’t think it can’t happen? Well, apparently it can.

It’s totally wrong to do any of this stuff, including to penalize you for not having healthcare. What the whole Obamacare fraud is consists of nothing more than a power grab. It’s made simply to give the government more control over your life. And if the government has more control over your life, you have fewer freedoms. It’s that simple.

Now, let’s examine one other thing. I know some of you out there don’t have a lot of faith in corporate America. Your belief is that they are out to screw you, and that’s fine, I can understand that. But somehow, with all of the animosity toward the federal government of late…and let’s face it, there IS a lot of animosity toward the federal government…do you really want to trust either a socialist president who has been caught up in over 25 scandals in 7 1/2 years and has lied to the American people over 50 times that are catalogued? Or do you want to trust a congress that is a do-nothing, biased, uncontrollable group that nobody in the country trusts (I think their recent approval rating was somewhere around 10%). Or do you trust an insurance company that is actually paying the bill?

Now, my problem with all of this is that the government has nothing to do with my healthcare. That’s between me, my doctor, and my insurance company. But the insurance company IS involved because they ARE going to be paying for it… granted out of the premiums that I pay. The federal government on the other hand doesn’t do any of that. They really don’t PAY anything out of their pocket, because the only money they actually have is money paid to them in taxes. So it becomes more of a wealth re-distribution, which we’ve seen since the Johnson Administration’s “war on poverty”, doesn’t work a damn bit.

No, I may not trust the insurance companies to give me a fair shake, but I trust them a hell of a lot more than a federal government hell-bent on taking over my freedoms. A government, ANY government cannot do better than the private sector in anything except protect the borders and print money. And this government has proven inept at protecting the borders.

New taxes? Why not…after all…you still have some loose change in the cushions of your couch don’t you?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “New Taxes Coming Your Way!

  1. It sure is getting ridiculous to say the very least! What is the old joke? …. What did you make last year, send it in! Well, it is damn near true. It won’t be long before the government is the one issuing to us what IS LEFT of our paychecks.

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