Hillary Steps In It Again

Hillary Clinton just can’t get a break. Or, maybe it’s that she just can’t tell the truth. Either way, the latest in the email scandal, could land her in more hot water than she has dealt with so far. The group, Judicial Watch has uncovered some 14,900 previously unseen work-related emails that Clinton failed to turn over to the State Department when she was ordered to do so. That’s something like seven data disks full of information, and thousands of pages of new, potentially damaging emails.

What really is most damaging to Clinton isn’t what is in the emails, but the fact that she perjured herself in front of DC Federal Court judge James Boasberg,who is an Obama appointee. She swore in front of the court that she had turned over a
all work-related emails to the State Department, when that was obviously not the case. That has sparked calls from both sides of the aisle for the FBI to investigate Clinton on perjury charges.

It’s just one more in a long line of testimony gone awry for the Democrat presidential nominee. She has been caught in lie after lie, and continues to this day to argue that it’s something that “every previous Secretary of State has done”. Well, not exactly. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has come out and blasted Clinton for lying, stating that the advice he gave her wasn’t followed, and that the difference between what he did in using a private email account varies markedly different than Clinton’s use not of a private email account, but an email server.

Still, Clinton and her team insist they have done nothing wrong. And with a justice department that has been called one of the most partisan and biased in US history, it remains doubtful that Clinton will ever be officially brought up on charges by the DOJ. However, this didn’t occur with the DOJ. This whole mess occured through a civil lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch, and it appears that the Obama appointee Boasberg has seen enough shenanigans to put an end to it.

It is doubtful to say the least that Clinton will see the inside of a jail cell for her crime, at least at this stage of the game. But what is more of a concern to her is that the emails that she tried to hide are going to be made public, and probably within a month before the election. Judge Boasberg told the State Department he wanted the emails released to the public by the 23rd of September, 46 scant days before the election. Such a move could be detrimental and sink Clinton’s chances for a victory. If it’s found that she was indeed trying to hide anything in those emails by not turning them over, it most certainly will cost her the election.

Even top level Democrats are starting to waver on their support for Clinton. Not publicly, mind you, but the rumblings of a candidate who may have stepped over the line once too often, and once too far may be evident. Only time will tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Hillary Steps In It Again

  1. She just can’t help but step right in the dog pile every step she takes. What concerns me is that the American people are getting numb to her BS, that they are tired of the email scandal and just don’t give two ‘chits’ about it anymore. It is like the outrage has evaporated and unless something else major happens (like actually being criminally charged) people are simply gonna roll their eyes and say, ‘Yup, that’s our Hillary.’ It is the Zombie Apocalypse out there…

  2. She’s like the opposite of the Titanic. While the rest of us would have sunk to the bottom by now below reams of misdemeanor and felony indictments, she’s hit three icebergs, grounded, and flooded to the wheelhouse….still floating, in defiance of all natural laws.

  3. And a second thought…I’ve always been amazed at the people that still follow her. After all of these accusations and charges and lies, so much of which has been validated – she still has millions of groupies. Then I thought to myself, “I guess they will say if she has not been brought up on charges then she has not done anything wrong.” But then I realized, that’s not it, or at least not all of it, I realized that even if she ran for President from inside a federal jailhouse, she would STILL HAVE millions of voters driving around with her bumper sticker. And that’s a sorry state of America.

  4. Well Desert, you never seem to run out of opportunities to trash Hillary using, in this case, twisted facts and incomplete research.

    First, Judicial Watch or should be named Liberal Watch was not the only plaintiff in this case, you forgot the second named plaintiff which bankrolled this. Yes, it is a group formed by hard core segregationists in Arkansas by the name of Citizens United. Don’t believe me, look up the caption on the complaint, try it Lorra, learn something for a change instead of being a squawking parrot.

    The second thing is that Judicial Watch did not find the e-mails, the FBI did post Comey rant and we do not what is on them at this time. What Judicial Watch did secure as relief in court to provide written answers to their interrogatories, those are lawyer terms Lorra. The e-mails that have been found where on a disk that was turned over to the FBI by her attorneys, so any talk of hiding them is pure BS.

    As for Colin Powell, speaking of liars, he used a private e-mail server but actually turned the e-mails over to the State Department as required by law. Same for Kindoflousy Rice. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH potential felonies? We won’t even go into Karl “Turdblossom” Rove and the 5,000,000 e-mails he deleted from his government account prior to leaving the White House or the governmental business he conducted by e-mail account on the RNC server. How about that a big sleazebag factor. No investigation on that as I remember.

    Anyway most of what you say is pure speculation or your opinion and since I am unsure where you received your law degree, I will assume that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Rehab going great, doing the exercises prescribed by my therapist and now even my right knee hurts. Glad to be on equal footing, no pun intended.

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