Woefully Unprepared?

Barack Obama has come out and said that Donald Trump is “woefully unprepared” to be president. Woefully unprepared? Shall we look at another person that was woefully unprepared and what he brought us? I don’t think this guy is qualified to discuss “woefully unprepared” without looking inward before he starts criticizing others.

2008, Iraq was stable and was settling in to a Democracy. Barack Obama turned it into a quandry. He took Egypt and backed a Muslim Brotherhood opponent of Hosni Mubarak. He screwed up the “Russian Reset” because he had an inept Secretary of State. He screwed up and let Russia take over Crimea without anything more than lip service. He’s let Iran develop a nuclear bomb, as long as they did it while he was out of office. He was against Brexit, which passed. He drew lines in the sand over Syria and told us time and time again that Assad was on his way out of power. He’s been wrong on every single event in foreign policy. Not just a little wrong…this is miles off the page.

Internally, we’ve seen a failed domestic illegal policy on immigration. We’ve seen a failed, illegal domestic policy on EPA enforcement of it’s rules. We’ve seen a president that spent almost a trillion dollars on “shovel ready jobs” only to admit later that there were no “shovel ready jobs”…another Democrat lie. The economy has the slowest recovery in history. Blacks (his core constituency) has gone more into poverty than ever before. More people are out of the workforce than ever before. Who went against the Keystone XL Pipeline which would have given the US 20,000 jobs at a time when we were in recession (and some argue we still are…though technically we haven’t been for some time). He’s had the FED keep interest rates at 0% so he could keep the economy creeping along as opposed to falling into not a recession, but a depression. We’ve seen a president who pushed a midnight bill through congress that forced you to buy health insurance, and has cost the American people well over a trillion dollars so far, and is still teetering on the brink of going broke.

The problem with this president is really simple, and I’ve seen it in a lot of areas of life. When you get someone that doesn’t understand the job their doing because they’ve never had a “real job” in their lives, and they’ve never had to actually work with people before, they usually fail. I’ve seen it here in the desert recently. People that are uncomfortable with trying to compromise, thinking they are 100% right all of the time, and failing to realize that there ARE other opinions out there that are actually more valuable than theirs…as well as more correct, get bent out of shape, get frustrated and start doing things that are just plain stupid. We’ve seen that with Obama. He’s not a leader. He’s never led anything in his life. He’s not an executive of any kind, and he doesn’t understand how to work with people. That’s a real problem, and it leads to the failures we’ve seen in his administration over the past 7 1/2 years.

Those failures are something he can just walk away from on January 20th, and tell himself that it’s all George W. Bush’s fault or the Republicans in congress, or the Supreme Court. In truth, it’s his fault. And while he can just walk away and slink back to Hawaii or wherever he’ll end up, We The People will be left with a mess to clean up. It won’t be cheap and it won’t be easy. And this is EXACTLY why an election coming up is so important.

Let me be very clear on this point. I do NOT think Donald Trump is the ideal candidate. And I do NOT think that he is going to solve all of the problems left to him by his predecessor. I DO think he’s going to be more trustworthy than someone that can’t seem to tell the truth even when she’s caught in a lie. I’ve always believed that the cornerstone of ANY relationship whether it’s a president with the country, or you with your spouse, or a mailman to the people he/she delivers the mail to is honesty. If you don’t have honesty, you don’t have a relationship, you’ve got fraud. That’s what we’ve dealt with the last 7 1/2 years, and that’s exactly what we’ll deal with for at least the next four years if Hillary gets elected. I’m not saying Trump has all the answers or even some of the answers. I’m saying he’s MORE of a straight shooter than Hillary. That’s all I’m saying, but it should be enough to make you question your decision if you’re leaning toward Clinton!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Does it bother you as much as it bothers me that so many Americans would rather put a sick, scheming, lying, angry and arguably evil woman in office than vote for the better candidate simply on principle…that they would rather have at least 4 more years of Obama’s failures, lies and corruption…that they are perfectly satisfied with the status-quo that has been set by this administration?!? Well, it not only boggles my brain pan, it chaps my arse intensely!

  2. Well Desert, I know I am a day late on this as the quad muscles in my left leg (which I haven’t fully used in over 13 years)
    tighten up like a vise after PT and a few walks around the neighborhood, I did read this Wednesday and realized it was also recycle day here. This gave me the idea that every Wednesday you should do a column that consists of disproved stories, conjecture and innuendo and out right lies since that seems to be what your unwashed masses seem to like. You even picked up a new reader that seems to have the IQ of an amoeba. Welcome tpol, shouldn’t you be working or is this how you spend your lunch hour?

    So the first thing you mention is Iraq when we did not have a president from 2001 to 2008 and how democracy was sprouting like opium poppies in the spring. Then came President Blackula who withdrew our troops in accordance to an agreement negotiated by the president that didn’t exist. Things then went to hell because of two things, the first is when we left we stopped paying the bad guys to keep from attacking our soldiers and the second was that Iraqi government was extremely 0corrupt and non inclusive of the Shite minority. Now I could tell you why Iraq will never include the Shites in anything, but I will not do your research for you. Maybe Lorra could get off her chapped ass and find out as she tries to portray herself as some sort of intellectual, probably on Sesame Street. Since I am nice guy I will even provide a hint which even gigabyte boy could find the answer. It involves Mohammed and Fatima. Have fun stormin’ the black flag.

    Ah, Arab Spring! This is where the citizens of countries stood up to the dictators and essentially an area that had been stagnant for more than forty years, True, Obama wanted Mubarak out as he was corrupt as hell and was like every other tin general in the Middle East, oppressing the citizenry every way possible. So Egypt holds democratic elections and the Muslim Brotherhood wins, much to the chagrin of Fox News. Now the problem with the Muslim Brotherhood in power was not their ideology, it was that they had no experience in government, like Il Duce of Oranje. Their background was that they were mostly engineers, intellectuals, professors, things like that. That was their downfall as they knew nothing about providing basic services, which then led to another military coup and believe it or not oppression of the citizenry. Meet the future if muskrat hair is elected. BTW, I have a great article on Tunisia and how the country that started it all has succeeded.

    Russia or as I called Putin’s sphere of influence. So, he takes over Crimea, what were we supposed to do? Invade because Putin has now corned the Beluga caviar market? Maybe we should have done what the president that did not exist in 2008 did when Georgia was invaded. Holy crap, we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look it up. BTW, check out what the Great White Dope from Alaska said when asked about the Georgia situation and to think she could have been a heartbeat from the presidency. You betcha!

    Brexit, Obama thought that GB should stay and the voters thought otherwise, not really foreign policy as we would know as our relationship with GB has not changed, but some serious buyer’s remorse happening there.

    Syria , the line in the sand was on chemical weapons and blowing them up is really not a good idea as the gas would spread everywhere, generally killing more people with the solution. This is what happens when a smart man is president rather than moronic blow hole.

    I will say one last thing on foreign policy though, as much as the thug PM of Israel hates the swartzer, the UN has not passed one resolution against Israel since Obama has been in office. Can the president that did not exist make the same claim? No. That’s diplomacy in action.

    Domestic policy, the shovel ready jobs. As usual Republicans have amnesia or brain farts if you will when it comes to the stimulus, especially when their districts benefited from, right Eddie Munster? You see, three quarters of the stimulus was a reduction in payroll taxes for about three years or so. The balance was public works projects like the new roads in Mesa Verde National Park. Was there, saw it. The real problem was the stimulus was not large enough, should have been 2-3 trillion. Immigration, there have been two bills to reform immigration, but the 2007 bill was defeated because right wing radio riled up their mentally challenged listeners to call their Congressperson to defeat it, like my moron that passes for a human being, Trent Franks. The second was in 2013 but failed because of the petulant two year olds in Congress, the Tea Party, wouldn’t go along. Both were bipartisan bills that would have solved a lot of problems.

    You Republicans just love that slowest recovery ever thing, but ask yourself what have the Republicans in Congress done to change it? The answer is real Obama care, abortion bills, bills on marriage, defund Planned Parenthood and other totally useless crap. I believe Eric Clapton said it best, before you accuse me, take a look at yourself. Right on Slowhand.

    Keystone Xl, 20,000 jobs, maybe very short term, 300 maybe long term on a pipeline that moved dirty oil from Canada to Looz-e-ana for export. I wish I had thought of this.

    More people leaving the workforce than ever before, 10,000 Baby Boomers a day turn 65. Connection? Naw, that requires facts and critical thinking, an alien concept to conservatives.

    As for the Fad, Obama does not control it and you know this. The Fed has kept rates low in order to pump money into the economy. Read the biographies of Janet Yellin and the number 2 at the Fed to see why they have maintained this posture.

    ACA, big help to the country and has appreciably slowed down med cost inflation and increased people covered. It would do better but that would require Republicans getting on board. Somehow I believe that Republicans would rather be shown on TV in the Englewood section of Chicago wearing a dashiki, a rainbow Afro wig eating a plate of hog maws and chiitlins than cooperate with President Blackenstein for the good of the country.

    Sorry but your rant on not ever having a real job and compromise rings just a bit hollow with me. I too did community organizing in neighborhoods that none of your obtuse readers would not go near if accompanied by the fifth army. It prepared me for career that would try to bring dissimilar groups together for a common goal and the art of compromise. Don’t knock it if you have not done it. As for blaming George Bush, the Invisible Present, I do not remember Obama starting two unfunded wars, two unfunded tax cuts (during the unfunded wars) and passing unfunded drug benefit with not ability to negotiate prices. Do you remember Obama passing these?

    Trump would be a disaster as he really has no idea what he is doing, not curious to find out anything, does not understand government, how it works or even the branches and their functions. The Constitution, that’s some one else’s problem. He is James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Warren G. Harding wrapped up in a neo fascist coat.

    Visit me in Albi if this clown is elected.

    • That’s some pretty damn good medication you’re on! Hope you can spare some for me. I like to see rainbowed colored skies every once in a while!!!

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