Here’s Hillary’s Problem Going Forward…

Hillary Clinton, by all measures is doing everything right in her campaign for the presidency. If you look at it, she has a tremendous ground game. She’s enlisted the best and brightest staff and has about 100 times the paid staff Donald Trump has. She’s outraised Trump up until this last month. And she’s outspent Trump 10-1 when it comes to advertising. Her message has been uber-focused on the fact that Trump is unfit to become president. She’s not said much as far as policy, because that won’t win her the election. Instead, she’s trying to make this a referendum on Trump.

So if she’s doing everything right, why is the race tightening?

Trump had an absolutely horrendous three week period. Until he got rid of Paul Manafort, he struggled day to day. Since then, which has been less than a week, he’s rebounding. In fact, polls that showed Hillary Clinton up by 10 points nationally have come down to about half that. Now that is a puzzling statistic when you think about it. You have a superior fundraising effort, you have a superior ground game, and you have a superior staff. Why in hell aren’t you blowing a political newcomer with very little political experience, and even less moxie totally out of the water?

The reason is: She’s Hillary Clinton.

If this were any other Democrat…if it were Martin O’Malley, or even Bernie Sanders, their lead would be 20 point by now and this race would be over. But it’s Hillary Clinton. America does not like Hillary Clinton for a myriad of reasons. And just to be fair, she IS a terrible candidate. She’s shrill and screeches. Her campaign is having a hard time drawing a crowd anywhere she goes, and even though she’s got the media firmly behind her, she’s losing ground to Trump. Why?

It’s simple. She’s a terrible candidate that the more America sees of her, the less they like her. Trump has made a slew of really, unbelievably bad mistakes since the GOP convention. And he’s still in it? If this were a different candidate in almost any other year, he would have to be dropping out over the gaffes he’s made. Of course, Hillary being caught in lie after lie, scandal after scandal, and the nation’s top cop calling her “untruthful” doesn’t help her too much. We haven’t even gotten to Labor Day yet, when most people put away the beach wear and start focusing on the campaign. When that happens, and all of the pollsters switch from “registered voters” to “likely voters”, the race will tighten even more. The reason? Hillary Clinton is just not exciting. She’s another John McCain or Bob Dole in that sense of the word. She’s a policy wonk that can’t get people excited. She can mock Donald Trump, but when is the last time that worked in an election. IF (and I’ll be the first to admit, it’s a VERY large “IF”) Donald Trump can stay on message and make this campaign about the issues, which is what the debates will focus on, he will most assuredly close the gap. When that happens, all the mud-slinging in the world isn’t going to stop people from seeing what’s really going on. It’s a wide open race. Who wins is whoever makes the fewest mistakes from today going forward…it’s that simple!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Here’s Hillary’s Problem Going Forward…

  1. I think you nailed this one. Just imagine how this race would have looked had Trump been an actual politician! Considering he is not, I think he is holding his ground quite nicely, save the bumps and bruises along the way that is.

    • He also needs more money, more volunteers and more guidance. Every time I’m turning around the guy has wet socks from putting them in his mouth. As I was telling a friend (Democrat) from Ohio last evening, the Dems are united because that’s what they do. They don’t question the qualifications, they vote the party, and she proved it last night in our little message battle back and forth. The GOP has to learn that lesson quickly or this thing is going to be a route. More on that next week as I dust off the crystal ball.

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