OK…If Hillary ISN’T Sick…

The internet is a wonderful place for information. It’s an even better place for mis-information. And to be honest with you, I’m not really sure which is which when it comes to the health of Hillary Clinton. She swears that she’s healthy enough to be president. Of course, so was William Henry Harrison…until he caught pneumonia and died 30 days later. On the other hand, there’s an awful lot of bad information out there floating around, and yes, there are people who believe it or not, would start negative rumors about a candidate they don’t like. I’m not one of them. I want the facts.

Unfortunately, that’s not all that easy to get to. I’ve read all of the documents on both sides that I can find on Hillary’s health. Yes, it does appear, as Rudy Giuliani says, that there is something wrong with the candidate. But that could also be internet hype. Is she sick? If so, regardless of her hopes and dreams to become president, she owes it to the American public to fess up. If not, then the people that are spreading rumors ought to be punished. But then again, that trust factor creeps into the picture, doesn’t it? This is exactly why, as I have said numerous times, you have to be honest with people from the start. You can’t be a liar (and she is), and expect people to believe you. They just won’t. So, if Hillary isn’t sick, then she’s partly to blame because we just can’t believe anything that she says.

And I’m not letting Donald Trump skate on this one either. He won’t release his income taxes…which is something every presidential candidate for the last fifty years has done. He says it’s because he’s under an IRS audit. OK, then release a tax return that isn’t being audited…I’m sure you’ve got several out there. Look, either there is something to hide in there (like the liberals are saying he’s taking money from Russia), or it’s just a crappy internet rumor. Either way, let the truth come out and let the American people decide. It’s the same damn thing as Hillary’s healthy. And frankly, there aren’t a lot of people that are going to wade through your tax return…so what if they find that you only pay 15% taxes and that secretary in Des Moines, Iowa pays 22%? You probably pay your CPA a little more than she does. Just be honest.

I’m getting really tired of politicians, and it cuts both ways, that won’t be honest with the American people. They don’t feel that we can take the truth, or that the truth won’t set them free, it will kill them. The truth may hurt sometimes, but I can’t honestly tell you a time when in the long run, it hasn’t been the best option. Just ask Richard Nixon. Ask Bill Clinton. Ask any number of congressmen and women who have lied to us about any number of topics.

Is Hillary sick? Is Donald cheating on his taxes? Let’s find out the truth. And let’s do it both ways before November 8th, shall we? The best way to do this is get both to sign a pledge. If Hillary IS sick and is lying about it, she forfeits the presidency if she wins. If Trump wins and he’s lying about something in his taxes, and it’s not just about an IRS audit, then HE forfeits the presidency. In both cases the other party gets it. Fair enough?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed.


8 thoughts on “OK…If Hillary ISN’T Sick…

  1. Well, Like I wrote in one of Arlin’s posts, she couldn’t even tell reporters that she would not lie. She told them instead that she ‘tries’ to always tell the truth… so she lies about lying and tries not to lie about it!! Confused yet? LOL! Good Lord she is one messed up person…so how in the world do any of us expect her to come clean on anything? As for Trump…there is only one reason for him not to show his taxes, he is hiding something. Has to be….IMHO.

  2. Well Desert, I think this medical records thing is stupid, mostly because it is fueled by Rudy Giuliani, who is so 2001. He is just basically an attack dog who just spews garbage. But having watched Il duce all these months seeing he cannot remember statements the day before, anything he said months does lead me to believe that his mind is gone as a result of syphilis. After all this is the person who said that his personal Viet Nam was banging anything he could in the 60’s and 70’s. Then who knows what venereal diseases his eastern European quinnies brought to this country as there is no medical exam required to enter this country. Just saying, now Dinky Fingered Donald prove that you do not have syphilis, you too Rudy.

    Since none of your readers are the least bit curious about the world around them or why things are the way they are. The answer to the question I posed regarding the Sunni government will never include the Shiites and the accompanying names as a clue is Because the Sunni branch of Islam was formed in Baghdad by his son after Mohammed’s death and his daughter, Fatima, formed the Shiite branch in Egypt after her father’s death. they have been fighting ever since. This is why history is important to understand today’s events in our short attention span society where real knowledge is supplanted by what Paris Hilton is doing.

    Have a positive day.

    • Why must you always pivot to Trump? Why can’t you discuss the topic at hand which is Hillary’s health? We are basically discussing Hillary’s health, not Trump’s. That’s not an issue. I also added that Trump should release his tax returns like everyone else has done, but I’m not talking about his health. It shouldn’t matter as to the context of this blog. It would seem to me that if you had anything to add to this discussion, you could at the very least stay on topic! That while being a rarity, would be most appreciated by the readers (and me!). Thank you!

  3. Desert, I’m channeling my inner Trump who never really talks about anything, just spews garbage and passes it off as “policy” statements. By the way, tRump still fits the medical profile for syphilis. Coincidence or can his gastroenterologist (you have to be friggin kidding me, but then Il Duce is a gas bag) prove he doesn’t?

    BTW, Hillary released a letter from a real doctor that does not look like a fugitive from the first Independence Day movie, that gives her a clean bill of health without ridiculous hyperbole. Good enough for you? Seems tRump will use anything for distraction from his fake audit of tax returns or his moronic statements. Can’t wait for the debates as he will have the crap kicked out of him and expose him for the intellectual lightweight that he is. You cannot insult your way to the White House.

    Getting better and started driving, Diane and her cat went home yesterday as she believed I could take of everything myself. Just using Tylenol a couple of times a day if that. Out patient PT starts tomorrow. I do appreciate your concern.

    Did you like the thing on Sunnis and Shiites, that is how they were formed, in broad strokes.

    • You know…if I were running for the highest office in the land, and someone had doubts on whether I was healthy enough, or paid my taxes, or was a US citizen, or anything like that which I could prove…I think I would go to extraordinary measures to do so. I think I would owe it to the people that I expected to trust me with rather large decisions later on. IF Hillary isn’t hiding anything, then have a lab run some tests. Do it in plain sight, and don’t hide behind a partisan doctor. IF Trump has paid what he owes in taxes, then release the damn tax returns and be done with it. BOTH of these candidates want our trust up the road…neither have it right now. That’s the problem with the choice given us this year. And by the way, I’m glad to hear your life is starting to return back to normal…seems to me you’re way ahead of schedule on that one.

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