“Ratifying” The Paris Accord

So Emperor Obama is in China trying to meet with the Chinese overlords and see if he can do anything else to denigrate America. And while he’s there, he’s decided that it’s time America get serious about “global change, er, climate warming, er…changing warming…er”… something like that. So the word was leaked out that while he’s in China meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, he would “ratify” the Paris Accord for America…without the consent of congress.

Of course, it’s a slap in the face of every American that actually still believes in the constitution. And it’s a stretch that it will ever mean anything. First of all, a president cannot unilaterally “ratify” anything. He must get consent of the US Senate on that stuff. It IS after all in the constitution, as inconvenient of a truth as that is (with no apologies to Al Gore). Second, if he does decide he wants to call it something other than a treaty, Bobo is going to find, yet another problem when he gets home. The “ratifying” will be only good while he’s president (another few months), and congress certainly isn’t going to be beholden to anything that he unilaterally does. Which means that no laws are going to be passed and that means he can make all of the executive orders he wishes, but they die when his term is over if his predecessor so wishes. Third, I’m sure the Supreme Court, even with eight members, can reach a majority conclusion that a president cannot unilaterally ratify a treat agreement and most certainly cannot enforce it.

The over-reach that this president has shown has been almost (but not quite) historical in nature. Most of the predecessors of the recent past (say the past 50 years or so) have actually followed the constitution, and not tried to unilaterally change it because they didn’t like what it said. As much as it may grieve liberals, the constitution isn’t a living, breathing document. It is a paper document, and the last time I checked, paper wasn’t alive and has never taken a breath. It IS however, our guiding principles of what we view as legal and illegal. Now, I know that doesn’t mean much to a “community organizer” from the mean streets of Chicago, where anything goes in order to get your way, but for the rest of the country, it DOES hold some value. And you can’t just use it to wipe your feet on after a round of golf.

No, Obama is once again, out of bounds on this one. It’s been his over-riding legacy that will outshine Obamacare, it will be brighter in the history books than the Iran Nuclear Debacle, and will most assuredly trump (no pun intended), the Trans Pacific Partnership. Over-reaching your power is something Bobo has felt was his right as Emperor. The only problem was, we only elected him president. Someone forgot to tell him that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on ““Ratifying” The Paris Accord

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    At this point, a federal judge needs to issue a warrant against BHO, so it will not be vacated as the ego trip continues. That would mean, January 20th, of 2017, BHO can, be arrested on numerous charges, all of them revolving around treason.

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