So When Is It OK For Politicians To Lie?

I must be getting old. I think back to presidents of both parties and I can’t really remember them lying all that much to the American people, and when they did, like Nixon in Watergate, they got hung for it. They paid the ultimate price…they lost their seats and were disgraced, never to be a politician again. Maybe I’m just being a little naïve here, but I don’t think so.

Today, we’ve got a proven, convicted, and terminal pathological liar that even 85% of her own party says they know she lies constantly, running for president, AND LEADING! We’ve got another guy that swore to the American people just a couple of weeks ago at the Pentagon that the $400 million payment we made to Iran was their money, and wasn’t tied to any hostage situation. It was just the timing of the thing. When asked why he didn’t just wire the money, he replied that he couldn’t. Iran had sanctions on it, and it would have been against the law to wire the money to them. Now we learn that two days after we sent an airplane there in the dead of night with the $400 million, we DID wire, 13 TIMES, one penny under $100 million dollars to Iran. We did it without lifting any sanctions, without approval of congress (which the constitution says you need to do), and under the radar of all monitoring authorities (which is why it was $99,999,999.99 and not $100 million each!). So, once again, Obama lied to the American people, and no one seems to care. Well, let me make myself perfectly clear (to quote another famous American politician/liar), I care. You should too.

Honesty is the basis of every relationship. Not just politics, but with you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend; you and your boss or your employees; with your friends; with your neighbors; with your kids and them with you. If you don’t have honesty, you don’t have a solid relationship, you have a relationship built on sand. Hmm…maybe that’s why “bearing false witness” is one of the Thou Shalt Nots in the Bible? If you can’t be honest with someone, you don’t have anything. You’ve lied and you can’t be believed. All communications cease at that point. And that’s why Hillary Clinton hasn’t had a press conference in over six months. She doesn’t want to have to face the lies she’s repeatedly told to the American public about her time as Secretary of State, which seems like it wasn’t that successful now, does it?

I guess that’s one more “Obama legacy” that Hillary is hoping to continue if she can con enough people into voting for her. It’s not about politics in the sense of Republican vs. Democrat. It’s about truth versus lying. It’s about honesty. Can you really say that you would elect someone to the highest office in the land that is a convicted pathological liar? How will you ever know what is the truth and what is just another lie?

I’m not saying that all of the myriad of scandals the Clintons have been involved in over the past 40 years have all been true. But there has been a pattern. There has been a trail of smoke that never seems to let up. And usually, it’s been my experience that where there’s smoke there’s fire. And no, I’m not saying that Hillary’s opponent is 100% an angel. No one gets to become a billionaire on this planet without some devil in them! But 40 years of scandal after scandal leads one to believe the truth is something those two only know as a five letter word and nothing more. It’s sad.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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