Still Think She’s “Innocent”?

The doo-doo just keeps getting deeper and deeper around Hillary Clinton. Caught in no fewer than a dozen lies on her email server, and why she did what she did, it’s now been learned that Clinton and her teamed used a “bleach-bit” shredder to erase the 14,000 additional emails the FBI has uncovered. It’s a rather extraordinary step to go through to make sure that “personal” email about Chelsea’s wedding and yoga routines weren’t read.

In fact, it’s so rare to use this method, that Trey Gowdy, who’s been investigating Benghazi on the House Select Committee, and stumbled into the email server, said it just isn’t done by anybody…and that God himself couldn’t read those emails. Except the FBI must have supernatural powers, because they found a way to get them. And, it turns out they are just as damning if not more so than the thousands that Clinton did indeed turn over to the State Department.

What this shows is a continual lack of responsibility on the part of the Democrat nominee to actually follow the law and tell the truth. The funny thing is that I’ve talked to several Democrats who back Clinton, and when I ask them about her lying, they immediately say, “all politicians lie”. I’m not so sure that’s the case…at least to the extent that Clinton has. And when I ask them if she feels that she’s above the law, the typical answer I get is, “Oh, it’s just a bunch of meaningless emails…it’s nothing more than a Republican plot to discredit her.

Well, it’s looking more and more like some of the high-profile Democrats who were originally backing Clinton are now starting to back away a little bit. Not full-fledged backing away, but as more and more crap is coming out about this whole email scandal and how it’s getting tied to “pay to play” with the Clinton Foundation, there are bunches of folks who are starting to think this is a cover up that is smelling an awful lot like Watergate.

Now, mind you, the uber-left and the brain dead are still backing Clinton are very quick to change topics and start blaming Donald Trump for stuff. They can’t answer the straight questions when asked such as, “Why are you backing a known and convicted pathological liar?” or “If its found out that Hillary Clinton is guilty of perjury, or any other crime, would you no longer back her?” They are exceedingly quick to change topics rather than answer the obvious questions.

So, the longer this thing goes, the more the dog doo-doo rises. Currently, it’s near Hillary’s shoulders, and rising rapidly. I think we’re just to the point in the Watergate scenario where John Dean is about ready to testify. We’re getting close to it. You can sense that there is a frustration level with the Clinton campaign that this stuff isn’t going away, and it’s only getting more and more serious. Smells a lot like Watergate to me. And you know…if it can bring down a sitting president, taking out a mere candidate, even one named Clinton, shouldn’t be that hard!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Still Think She’s “Innocent”?

  1. The email deletion is just part of a Clinton scandal, it includes many of Hillary’s other scandals. Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation…….. who knows what else. The Clinton scandals make Watergate look like a parking ticket. What about past text messages? You see her texting all the time. I doubt all her messages sent from her cell phone were through email.

  2. Yup, still innocent as so far nothing has been proven. Funny how these FBI e-mails turned up after Director Comey’s rant. So far the Republican FBI Director hasn’t said crap. Did the FBI mishandle these e-mail or is Comey part of a conspiracy?

    Lutrell, it is obvious you do not know didley about Watergate other than the name. You want to talk Watergate, bring it on as I am one of the last of the Watergate junkies and you better bring your A game.

    • There we go again with trying to spin this away from what it is. Innocent until proven guilty is applicable in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. There Hillary Clinton has been found guilty by a majority of people in BOTH parties! You can’t respond snidely to that…the truth usually does hurt, huh?

  3. Funny you talk about a court of law when you have repeatedly said that Hillary is a convicted liar and yet you have provided no proof as per my many requests. Truth hurts doesn’t it. But if we take your low bar standard, Trumpanzee is a convicted pathological liar and a crappy businessman who brings no skills of any kind to the table. Both parties believe that, therefore it is true.

    I am a big movie fan, especially old movies. Watch the Ox Bow Incident sometime, preferably after Trump has his dinky hands handed to him.

    • Well, let’s see…March 10th press conference at the UN saying she never sent or received any classified documents. FBI Director James Comey testifying before congress saying she both received AND sent documents that were marked classified, and not later marked classified, but were marked that way WHEN THEY WERE SENT AND RECEIVED! That’s one example. You’ve yet to give me proof of an example with Trump. And I don’t mean your left-field, nasty ass commentary. I mean physical proof!

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