About Time Huma…

Let’s be honest about one thing. I really don’t care one way or another what happens to the marriage of Huma Abedin an Anthony Weiner. I wish them all the best because I never want to see marriages break up, but if anyone is to be forgiven for filing for a divorce, it’s Huma…well, ok…and Hillary. I mean, for cryin’ out loud, Anthony Weiner has a major sex problem (as does Bill), and for Huma to believe it wasn’t there (like Hillary is doing) is just plain wrong. Hillary obviously is in it for convenience. I don’t think that’s the case with Huma.

I’m not here to bash Huma at all on this one. In fact, I thought long and hard about even commenting on this. It’s her business, and she is certainly entitled to do what she needs to do to try and live a semblance of a normal life for her and her son. But I can tell you this…if I had done anything that Anthony Weiner had done, my wife would have bounced me to the curb (and rightfully so) a long time ago. I’m really bamboozled by how these women can forgive a guy for being such a pig. I mean, yes, there has to be something wrong in the wiring upstairs for these guys. But for cryin’ out loud, you don’t help matters by putting up with it. I kind of admire Abedin for having the courage to separate from that idiot, because in this circumstance it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s face it, when you’ve been given three chances to get clean on a sex addiction and you a) lose your job as a congressman over it; b) lose a mayoral race of a major city over it; and c) lose your family over it, I’d say you’ve pretty much hit rock bottom. If Weiner doesn’t want help, that’s his problem…but he has responsibilities to live up to. I mean, he’s a father and a husband, and that means a lot! He was a congressman, and that used to mean a lot. And he treats it like everybody in the country is doing it, which just isn’t true.

In that aspect, I respect Huma Abedin far more than Hillary Clinton. Hillary chose to ignore Bills peccadillos and enable him rather than leave him. It showed that she cared more about what he could do for her in terms of politics than what he brought to the family in terms of stability and love. Some relationships are built that way, and that’s too bad. But I don’t think of Hillary Clinton as a victim in her escapades because she’s helped to bring it on. She was so focused on politics…HER politics that she didn’t do what probably (I’m guessing here) a majority of women in this country would have done if their husband had been guilty of habitually running around on her…which is kicking them out of the house and soaking them in divorce court. But then again, Hillary probably was lying to herself, like she’s lied to the rest of us.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “About Time Huma…

  1. Well Desert, I see you are channeling your inner Donald Trump. If you do not care about Huma, then why the blog? It is like tRumper saying “I don’t want to say that Mexicans are criminals and rapists but why do Mexicans rape and do violent crimes?”

    The only purpose for this blog was to talk about Hillary as you always find a way. I find this curious as you took me to task for my pointed yet truthful points about tRump, conservatives and Republicans. Double standard dude? Just asking.

    Reynauld de Chatillon
    The reason for ISIL

  2. Bill cheated on Hillary when they were “dating”. It was a political/career move to marry ……….she couldn’t get Bill to act out the loyal husband part. She has had her own bedroom follies as well. They both new what they were getting from the relationship; they used each other in that sense. Its about power and taking advantage of people they could manipulate (many), to cover-up their acts and corruption. They knew they could trust each other to lie and cover the others rotten back.

  3. Well Desert, if I missed the point, pray tell was the point if you did not want to talk about Huma and then proceeded to talk about Huma?

    You looked up Reynauld didn’t you? The Muslims during the Crusades didn’t behead Christians as they were either locals who did not participate or were the knights from France (in the beginning) for which they respected their military prowess. Then good ol’ Reynauld comes along never disliking a war he started (they loved him in Cyprus). So he attacks an unarmed caravan under false pretense (his favorited past time) and lo and behold, Saladin’s daughter is in the caravan. So he kills her. Nice guy. Saladin is now seriously pissed and after every victory, he beheads the wounded and any survivors. At the Horns of Hattin is where Reynauld is captured and Saladin personally dispatches Reynauld, but the precedent is set.

    Now flash forward to the present. Had you paid attention during the period when we had no president who kept us safe after 9/11, you would remember that we in our infinite wisdom disbanded the Iraqi army. Now you have a lot of soldiers and more importantly officers, with no job and no prospects because we said no Baathists can be in government. So the organize and they are off and running. We withdraw according to the agreement negotiated by the president who shall not be named and all those unemployed military are now putting their skill set to serious use. Now a group of seriously twisted religious fanatics break off from this group in 2013 (please note Hillary is no longer SoS) with lots of experience and go against the Iraqi army, who basically couldn’t defend a warm cup of piss. The talented Iraqi army turn tail and abandon all sorts of brand new military equipment and uniforms. Now they are one nasty group of people. So, the roots of this can be traced back to the president that does not exist between 2001-2009, just like my friend Reynauld.

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