Partisanship Vs. Intelligence

I talk to a lot of people throughout the course of my day. I always have. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and I value all opinions…when they are arrived at thru the use of intelligence. Unfortunately, America is in decline when it comes to that particular circumstance. These days, we don’t make decisions based on intelligence. We make them based on partisanship. And that is one of the underlying failings of our country. It’s one of the prime reasons Washington is failing all of us (and we ALL realize it). It’s one of the prime reasons we are losing our status as a superpower. And it’s going to be one of the prime reasons that America turns into another Spain, or England.

I have railed against both political candidates for president this year, because there really isn’t a clear choice. You have a really bad choice. They are two very weak candidates, neither of whom are qualified to be president, and neither of whom should ascend to that position. Unfortunately, that is the position we find ourselves in. And no, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein aren’t any better. Oh, they both may be more trustworthy than Donald and Hillary, but they aren’t any better at being qualified to run the country.

So, we find ourselves in a moment when we bash the other side…not because of what is right and truthful, but because of where our politics have been and who we have voted for in the past. Democrats have a tendency to vote for Hillary, even though they realize she’s a liar and untrustworthy. They can’t give a solid reason WHY they would vote for her. She hasn’t given anyone a solid reason for why she should become president, only that she doesn’t think Donald Trump isn’t qualified and he’s “dangerous”. Well, in my book, Hillary is equally as dangerous because you can’t trust her, and you can’t believe what she says. I’m not saying that her analysis of Trump is wrong…I’m saying the same sword is cutting both ways this year.

Trump meanwhile calls her “Crooked Hillary”. OK, she is. I can agree with that analysis as well. But I also think that analysis swings both ways. You do not get to become a billionaire (or a millionaire in Hillary’s case) without stepping on people. I’ve never met one yet that can say they were totally clean and didn’t take advantage of people (my definition of “crooked”). The only difference in the parties is the Republicans are fleeing Trump because character still matters to some of them. Democrats aren’t about character, and never really have been. They’ve been about obtaining and holding on to power. It is, after all, their religion.

And so, we digress into this high school food fight over which is MORE trustworthy, and MORE truthful, and LESS crooked. The fact of the matter is, neither are well qualified. Neither are able to tell the truth, and both are crooked. Those are the facts.

I’m saddened that America has declined to the point where partisanship has replaced intelligence. People that I know that I have always thought were at least partially intelligent, are coming out this year totally partisan one way or the other (and it cuts both ways). They can’t say anything bad about their candidate, but they can’t say anything good about the other one. That is the beginning of the end of this country. And you know what? It doesn’t matter who wins!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Partisanship Vs. Intelligence

  1. Such a TRUE statement, “…we digress into this high school food fight over which is MORE trustworthy, and MORE truthful, and LESS crooked.” Think about it, most of the masses are sitting back looking for someone to point their fingers of blame for their lot in life. Instead of realizing that no one is to blame the the person looking back at them in the mirror ( before someone attacks me, yes, there are exceptions to this rule). So, if only for a hot-minute every 4 years, the unhappy masses will come out in droves to mutilate ‘the one’ deemed their oppressor. They will scream at the top of their lungs and have no real knowledge of why they are screaming, other than to follow the other masses. This is evidenced when you see interview after interview asking why they do not like a particular candidate. Typically, they have zero clue other than some rhetoric they heard or read. All they know is that they are pissed at life, at the world, and need someone to blame because accountability is not in their vocabulary. So, they “digress into this high school food fight” behavior without a clue about their present circumstances or their future, regardless of who gets in office. Wow, that was a rant… sorry! LOL!

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