Get Ready To Pay More For Your Obamacare!

Yeah, I know…it’s going to hit just before the election, but you need to be prepared for it. Maybe don’t send Jimmy to Harvard or Yale. Think more along the lines of University of Phoenix. Obamacare rates are going to skyrocket next year.

The average rate increase is going to be somewhere of 30-40% based on the Health and Human Services’ own numbers. And it looks like Sylvia Burwell is adjusting the number of people that will sign up for Obamacare next year. Here’s a clue. She’s not saying the numbers will be going up. That will mark the third year in a row that the beleaguered health care debacle has missed revised and re-revised numbers.

In Iowa, they are looking are rate increases upwards of 43%. In Tennessee it’s closer to 60%. My only question on the increases is, I thought Bobo said we’d be saving $2,500 a year per family? This is year three and I’m not up $7,500 yet. In fact, I’m in the hole by about $9,000 with worse insurance. What’s up with that?

Well, what’s up with that is that this was never supposed to work, and now it’s getting out that the administration basically told the world this whopper of a lie in order to have it fail so the congress could switch over to single-payer healthcare (it’s also called socialized medicine). Unfortunately, after the uber-struggle Bobo had in trying to get Obamacare through a Democrat controlled congress, I really seriously doubt he’s going to have much luck advancing a more socialized program than the one that’s floundering on the beach like a gasping whale. I don’t care if the Dems take over both houses (now deemed unlikely), it won’t happen. So, Obamacare will have to make do without an infusion of needed cash, and it will slowly wither on the vine like my wife’s tomato plants!

The only way that socialized medicine is going to be approved in this country would have been if Obamacare would have been a rousing success. I know that was the public face put on it, but I have doubts that is what the administration really wanted to happen. They thought it would last a few years, and need to be replaced because it failed, and they could say the insurance industry screwed us all, and therefore government would come to the rescue. Unfortunately, Obamacare has so many detractors now, and has NEVER caught on with the majority of Americans, socialized medicine in this country has been set back 100 years, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just not my cup of tea to have to wait 9 months for an appendectomy like they do in England!

No, Obamacare has been a huge fail any way you want to slice it. I know they say that there are people that have insurance now that didn’t before, but I can only count less than 2 million of those folks (by the time you count in the 7 million that LOST their individual policies because of Obamacare). So, in the end, we’ve spent a trillion dollars to insure people that have coverage, they just don’t have any place that accepts it. Man, were we smart in electing this guy or what?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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