Time For Hillary To Get Honest With Us!

I understand that all politicians lie to a certain extent. I mean, do you really believe those campaign promises that you’ve heard throughout the years? They’ve become more and more like those 7th grade Student Council promises about having the cafeteria serve ice cream for lunch every day. But in the big picture, I have to say that when a candidate lies about things that matter…I’m talking about things that change your life and my life, and THEIR life, then it’s time to get serious and tell the truth.

So it’s with that in mind that I want Hillary Clinton to come clean about her health. She’s not being truthful about her being totally healthy. Actually, she and her doctor never said that. What they said was she was fit enough to hold the office of president. They never said she was well enough to last a full term, or well enough to be competent throughout the whole term. With the Clinton’s you can’t take that letter for what you THINK it says…you have to parse the words. Remember, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is”?

So Hillary Clinton on Labor Day addresses a labor group and starts a four minute coughing fit. She is holding a bottle of water, but someone hands her a glass of a clear liquid (we all assume it was water). If it was water, why didn’t she just drink out of the water bottle she was holding? Apparently, according to a lot of folks close to the Clinton campaign, they call it “thick water”. It’s been doctored with something. The coughing fit went on so long that MSNBC that was covering the speech live, pulled away and stopped their coverage.

Later, on her plane “Cough Drop One”, she was addressing a few reporters and broke into another coughing fit. Same thing. It went on for minutes (Fox DID air the whole fit), and someone ran to get her a glass of “special water”.

So, let’s be honest here. What is so special about this water? What’s really wrong with Hillary? The speculation (and that’s all it is) that I’ve read says she’s got Parkinson’s Disease and that she can’t drink out of a water bottle…it has to be a glass. Well, ok, but Parkinson’s Disease isn’t fatal in the early stages, and she COULD be fit to serve four years with it. Hell, Michael J. Fox has had it for decades and starred in a TV show with it being a focal point. No, this is something else. And I for one think it’s time to come clean with America. If Hillary has something wrong (and a coughing fit that lasts for over a year is something wrong), then she needs to tell us. It may…just may be one of those things that changes my life, your life, or her life. It’s time to bring out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


13 thoughts on “Time For Hillary To Get Honest With Us!

  1. Dear Mr. Musings,

    We have recently become aware that you may be suffering mental problems. The title of your most recent blog entry (Time For Hillary To Get Honest With Us) expresses an unrealistic view of the world and We are afraid you will soon begin engaging in such risky behaviors as crossing the street without looking, taking medicine one day past its expired date, and depending upon Obamacare for your health needs.

    In a case such as yours We are afraid that the prognosis is dim. It may be that We shall have to have you incarcer… er… “vacationed” at one of Our friendly Housing Facilities sans excursion privileges until after election day for your own good. Do not be concerned, we provide plenty of chocolate, friendly nurses with black belts in Karate, and unlimited PPs (Prozac Popsicles). We hope your stay with Us shall be a pleasant one.

    Please pack your toothbrush and wait by your front door.

    Thank you.

    The Management

  2. Well Desert, that Michael is just a load of laughs. Now, I could live up to my reputation by asking where you received your medical degree but I fear it was from the same professor I had when I was in college……… Dr. Feelgood.

    When I read this post I just had to do some research so I called my traveling buddy from Europe and read it to him. I admit he is not a doctor, but his son is and please spare me the jokes on that phrase. According to Eric, Parkinson’s starts with trembling, the reduced ability to grasp objects and then gets progressively worse from there. It is all about motor function and the swallowing thing is somewhere near the end.

    I feel that this is just another talking point trying to diminish Hillary. I see it as the same as Trump and Sheriff Blow on the Obama birth certificate. Note, first optional work session in 2013 I brought my Obama mug that had a copy of the his long form birth certificate printed on it. I also recited the oath of office precisely at 10AM MST, making it noon EST. In your face Republicans.

    I want to see Agent Orange’s tax returns which he will never release in spite of the bogus audit rap. Also, I believe it was greaseball Eric Trump who said that they were to complex for Americans to understand. My response is screw you, you little shit saying that nobody is smart enough to understand Daddy’s returns. I was reviewing tax returns and complex financial statements when you were playing with action figures. Release the fucking returns and let’s see if his financial situation is crappy as his policies, which I am still waiting for.

    • Wow…do you leave openings big enough for Mack Trucks to drive through! You don’t have to be a doctor (or have a son who is) to be able to look up symptoms on WebMD! And again, we aren’t talking about Obama birth certificates. I was never a fan of that one, and frankly, Joe Arpaio doesn’t fit into Hillary’s medical conditional at all. That said, let’s try and stay on topic shall we?

  3. The whole coughing fit was alarming but what was more alarming was the slowed-down footage of it. I warn you, don’t watch if you have a weak stomach. Ewwww. Not making fun of a sick person here, just passing on info.

  4. Well Desert, I could have googled it but that is the prevue of Diane, the Google queen. I thought that in lieu of getting something off the internet, where everything is true although WebMD is reputable, I decided to find out from a real doctor.

    Maybe we could investigate why Agent Orange is quite frankly a pathological liar. Case in point, his secret plan to defeat ISIS, the last president who had a secret plan to end a war was Tricky Dick from Yorba Linda in Viet Nam, which lasted another four years and resulted in the deaths of over 26,000 Americans. What price will we pay as result of his “secret plan?”

    He is going to get shredded in the debates, he is the Sgt. Schultz of presidential candidates.

    • You know the neat thing about WordPress, Snarky? It lets you actually write blogs about what you want to write about. So, if I actually WANTED to write about Donald Trump and his “secret plan”, I could. And the interesting fact in all of this is, so could you! All you have to do is sign up for an account, get a few thousand folks to read your stuff, and you’re in business! And you can write every column on how Donald Trump is a pathological liar (no one has really proven it yet), and that he has this “secret plan” for defeating ISIS. I’m certainly not saying he is a great presidential candidate…in fact, if you look back, I rarely support him as anything but very weak. I also state Hillary Clinton is quite likely the worst candidate in US history because of all of the baggage she is bringing to the table. Hmm….I don’t think Boss Tweed ever ran for president did he?

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