Obama’s Last Ditch Effort To Help Hillary

I’ll say this…when it comes to end runs, and sneaky maneuvers, Barack Obama is just as good as Hillary Clinton, if not better! She has a tendency to get caught, but he’s able to swear up and down that the things he’s doing is “for the good of America”, all the while pushing a far-left agenda. Need another example?

Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security Czar has come out recently and said that Homeland Security is actually thinking of taking over the elections this November. The reason? Well, it seems that a couple of states (Arizona being one of them) have been hacked and the voting systems could have been compromised. This coming from an agency who also has been hacked and also has been compromised. But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! We NEED to have someone like Jeh Johnson, who’s probably the second most partisan man in Washington next to Bobo himself running our elections.

Now, why would people in the GOP not want Johnson to be in charge of the elections? Well, he IS a party hack. Second, he’s not capable of stopping any cyber-attack on the voting because he doesn’t know where it’s coming from or how to stop it, and neither does anybody in government. The US government has been hacked probably 500-1000 times EACH DAY for the last four years. No, it’s not George W. Bush’s fault…its foreign governments, agents, and everyday hackers out for a joy ride that are getting through. And why wouldn’t the GOP want Johnson in charge? Because there isn’t anything he could do that would insure a safe and secure, and honest election. In fact, if it were as close of an election as everyone is predicting, he could actually swing the vote to Hillary in a couple key battleground states, and tilt the election her way. That’s why the GOP doesn’t want anyone in the current administration to be involved in this year’s election. They cheat and they lie and they’ve been caught red handed so many times, you can’t even begin to count.

With so much at stake with this election, and there IS so much at stake this time around… from undoing the 1,500 executive orders that Bobo has arbitrarily thrown out there to nominating four or even five Supreme Court Justices in the next four years, the balance of the country will definitely tilt one way or the other. And for a partisan hack to be in charge of that (from either side) is just plain wrong. But that is the Democrats’ way…win any way you can, and then get the power. That’s what happens when power and politics is your religion. You justify the ends by doing whatever gets you to the winners’ circle. That was the lesson learned by the Dems in 2000. They lost that race fair and square because they had a poor candidate, as they did in 2004. And they won the next two not because they had the greatest candidate, but because the opposition had such a poor one. This year? Well, it’s anybody’s guess because both candidates suck and are terribly weak. And with so much at stake, both sides should be gunning with everything they’ve got. It’s evident now that is true with the Democrats. Is it for the Republicans?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Of COURSE they want control of the elections! Because we can TRUST them right? I mean, they wouldn’t deceive the American people would they? Right. The sad thing is they probably will find a way to do just that, take over the elections and call if fair.

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