What To Take Away From Today…

world-trade-centerIt’s 9/11. That means 15 years ago today, we sat and watched in horror as two planes slammed into the World Trade Towers in New York City. We watched as a third plane rammed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. And we listened to news reports as a fourth plane, rumored to be heading for the White House, crashed killing all aboard in Pennsylvania after the passengers took over the flight and subdued the hijackers.

Today, we mourn.

We should never stop mourning those 3,000 plus people that were lost that fateful day. We should never stop thinking of the terror as we cried, we called loved ones, we huddled around office television sets. This was a day worse than Pearl Harbor. It was the single biggest one-day attack on our soil in history. And it deserves a place in our hearts and our memories. We should always remember this day.

And we should continue to do something about it. We need to destroy the enemies of this country. Unlike Barack Obama, who would like to hand over the keys to the nation to Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China, we need a leader that isn’t feckless, that isn’t afraid, that has leadership ability and skill. We need to make sure that radical Islam pays through the nose for trying to “send their perverted message” to the rest of the world, just like Isabella and Ferdinand did against the Moors in Spain in the 15th century. We shall not rest until this injustice is paid for thousands of times over. It needs to be a constant reminder, not just to those who oppose us because of their pseudo-religious reasons, but for any reason, that we shall not be messed with. We will come at you with the best equipped military, the most advanced weaponry, and the might of a nation that shall not fail.

We had become complacent and weak fifteen years ago. We had gotten into our own little world of cell phones and internet chats, and our own little lives. We had forgotten to lead the world, and today we have reached rock bottom, handing over leadership to dictatorships and thugs, unable to even set down seventh rate armies in lowly places like Syria and Iraq. We are struggling to maintain victories against a rag tag bunch of radicals called ISIS, and it’s all because we have elected the wrong individuals to lead us. We have settled on presidents who wanted to be the “first” president of a sort, rather than a “strong” president for all. And now, we are seeing that we are ALL paying the price. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, we have all become weak in the eyes of the world. We have all become laughing stocks, where foreign leaders feel comfortable staring down our president. We have all succumbed to hermit kingdoms, where fat little pimply faced boys threaten us with nuclear weapons.

This is not the America we grew up in. This is not the America that won the cold war or defeated the Germans in World War I or II. This is a self-absorbed, isolationist America that comes with socialism. May we wake up before it’s too late and right the wrong that we have imposed upon ourselves and regain the leadership position in the world that is rightfully ours, that is ours to take. And may we never forget the 3,000 plus people that gave their lives fifteen years ago today. May we never forget that they kissed their loved ones and children goodbye heading out the door to work that day, like we all do every day, not knowing they would never see them again. It’s the least we can do for those people! It’s the very least we can do for America.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Well Desert, what a nasty post. Aside from the rah, rah crap, what are you saying? Revenge, pure and simple. You sound like the extremists we are fighting.

    While I watched the towers come in the lunchroom at work that fateful, I said out loud to my fellow employees, “Muslims have become the new Japanese.” I have seen nothing but blind hatred towards a group of people who had nothing to do with these attacks. Stupidity reins with this hatred, like the moron here in Phoenix who shot and killed a person at a gas station because he was wearing a turban and therefore is an Arab. Congratulations, you just killed a Sikh who is Indian. Just yesterday some woman in NYC tried to rip off the hijab and punched two Muslim women in the face and also tipped over one stroller with a baby and was rattling another while screaming ” Get the fuck out of America, bitches. This is America, you shouldn’t be different from us.” This broad is from Albania and if not a citizen, deport this piece of Eurotrash back to the Balkan shithole she came from. Muslim children are bullied at school and nobody stops it. I was a victim of religious bullying and I didn’t care for it.

    While you agonize over the loss of life at the twin towers, you fail to mention that there were employees of companies that were Muslims who also perished, are their lives worth less or do you group them with the hijackers?

    The president who shall not be named had a perfect opportunity to truly unite the nation on a common cause after the attacks, but being the idiot that he was, he told us to go shopping. Shopping! Are you kidding me. So Desert, you are thinking what would the socialist commie liberal have done. Good question. I would have addressed the nation saying that we are engaging in a war that might take years and will be very expensive. Consequently, I am directing the Department of the Treasury to begin issuing war bonds with an interest rate of 6% that will accrue until redeemed. The proceeds will be used solely for this purpose. So what does our obtuse moron president do, two tax cuts benefiting the top 1% for the most part which cause the deficit and the debt to balloon, with VP Darth Vader saying “Deficits don’t matter.” To make matters worse, president Bozo changes the mission in Afghanistan from driving the Taliban out to nation building. Fifteen years later, how’s that working for us? We also the Iraq situation which isn’t much better because of absolute incompetence, which gave rise to ISIS/ISIL and you know it in spite of the clueless Republican boob nominee for president. Also, the Orange Meathead has already made this day about him but saying after the towers fell, he had the tallest building in NYC. You want this blowhole as president?

    Don’t know where you are getting the isolationist rap from considering we bases all over the world. As the socialist thing, I presume you will not be accepting Social Security, Medicare, will not ever call the fire department, your grandchildren will never attend public schools including college, never use a library, and so on. I certainly believe you want to be caught participating in socialism.

    I mourn the loss of life that day, but refuse to become a religious bigot, support wars that cannot be won and go on forever and believe that the best policy we should have is to leave the Middle East and let them sort out their problems and their millennia old grudges.

    See you Monday night.

    • Wow…you are really off the rails on this one Snarky. I would suggest you get to your primary care physician and get those meds changed. You really don’t have a clue what I wrote.

      • You know Snark, what really got me about your rant? About 3,000 innocent people died that day at the hands of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. These people had absolutely NOTHING to do with whatever these warped idiots have against us. And yet, you decide to call MY post nasty? Folks, this is a teachable moment. This is exactly what is wrong with liberal-think. They like to twist and turn what is an obvious point into something so convoluted that even they don’t understand it. Like poor Snarky, here, they just can’t get it through their heads! Let me clue you in on something Snark…if the Islamic Terrorists that you are so quick to try and defend actually took over this country, you would be first in line on the beach with the guys with swords standing behind you. They really don’t like liberal views on abortion, or gay marriage, or a lot of stuff you claim to be near and dear to your heart. So in essence, we can honesty and truthfully say that liberalism is probably a leading cause of what happened on 9/11! Nasty enough for you?

  3. Desert, I really think you are at times learning impaired and this is a perfect instance. Were the Muslims that WORKED in the WTC and died terrorists? Did I defend at any time Muslim terrorists? Has America’s attitude differed from 9/10 and 9/12 regarding Muslims? Are all Muslims terrorists? To the Republicans and evidently a great percentage of Americans all Muslims are terrorists. I believe that this is what is called a hasty generalization, such as are all people from the deep South a bunch of inbred redneck crackers? Sometimes I think so.

    Do I want these reactionary thugs who use religion as excuse for their horrific deeds defeated? Yes I do, but this we will pay you back a thousand times sounds a lot like that Russian resident in my wife’s townhome development back in Chicago who felt rules on parking commercial vehicles did not apply to him and he kept getting towed. Bluster that does not scare anybody. As for our military defeating ISIS/ISIL, this will be a long hard slog with keeping in mind how do you defeat an idea and what does victory look like. Sort of like we will have immigration reform when the border is secure without any idea as to how we will know the border is secure. As for me wanting terrorists taking over the country, do you really believe that is what I or liberals want? Frankly, that’s an insult and being an atheist, they will whack me also either before or after you.

    Since you have problems with liberal think, I have problems with conservative think or better yet, conservative avoidance. You never responded to my comments on Bush, his wars, his tax cuts causing the debt to balloon or that ridiculous shopping thing. I thought my idea was very good and reminded me of how we united for WWII, which is apparently where conservatives want to take the country back to when everyone knew their place.

    I almost crapped when I read the abortion/gay marriage think because I know plagiarism when I see it. You lifted that from an episode of the religious thug Pat Robertson’s 700 Club shortly after 9/11 when he and the other religious fascist, Jerry Fawell said it was god’s wrath for abortion, gays. lesbians, etc. I know because I saw the broadcast that day. Conservatives, sometimes they just do not have any original ideas, they lift them from elsewhere, like Eddie Munster from WI who gets his ideas for the country from Ayn Rand. You may not like my views but I am at least original.

    • Did I ever say anything against the Muslims that were in the WTC? Nope. I only referred to RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. See, you liberals always like to lump groups together. I was talking about a group of people who flew planes into buildings. YOU were the one that expanded it to the entire religion, not me. Actually, I’ve never even SEEN the 700 Club, so there can’t be plagarism when you don’t have a connection.to the source. And for the record, I’ve never been a fan or a follower of Jerry Falwell, though that’s a nice try. Not all conservatives are uber-fundamentalists. Some of us are just plain Christians. So much for your accusations, huh? Next time before you accuse, get your facts straight, and stop lumping groups together that don’t belong there!

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