Now I’m SURE There Is Something Wrong With Hillary!

Let’s start out with the disclaimer. I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV, and I’ve never played one on the stage. Well, ok…let me amend that. I DID play a doctor in a stage play of Harvey in high school once. So, what I’m about to say is conjecture. That means I don’t have facts backing it up other than her stumbling yesterday after she leaves a 9/11 event early claiming “heat exhaustion” (it was 77 degrees with 30% humidity…that ain’t heat exhaustion folks!) That would make this an opinion piece.

OK…back to real life. I am beginning to think there really is something wrong with Hillary Clinton medically. Why would I make such a brash and bold statement not being a physician, and never having (or wanting) to examine her? Because of the pushback she and her staff are giving on this whole coughing fit thing. See, with the Clintons, you can always tell when there is something there. They push back with veracity. They pull no punches in immediately attacking whomever is coming after them with the accusation. And in this case, they have sent out the entire Clinton campaign staff to play bad cop. Hillary made a joke about it saying she was allergic to Donald Trump (not a bad attempt at humor for someone of her lack of personality). But her staff went ape-shit. And then when they HAD to come out with more regarding her collapse yesterday, oops…all of a sudden, we find out she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. When were we going to learn about that?

They came out firing on all cylinders. And that’s the clue. When the Clintons come out, like Hillary and her cronies did after March 10, 2015, and vehemently deny they have done anything wrong, and then keep up the pressure after the initial presser, you know there is something behind it. That’s the case here. She’s worried that Americans are going to find out the truth, and she and her staff are fighting tooth and nail trying to get past it. It’s going to have the same repercussions as the email server scandal. She’s going to parse her words very carefully, she’s going to make sure that “legally”, she says the right stuff, while the 99.9% of Americans that aren’t lawyers, and think that everyday English actually means something will come away thinking she’s a bigger liar than we already thought she was. THAT is the Clinton problem. THAT is why this race is so close. If Hillary Clinton were honest and trustworthy, she’d be crushing Trump by 25 points by this time. She’s not. And America knows it.

The biggest problem has with pulling the lever for Hillary Clinton is she lies. You can never tell when she’s telling the truth. And she just doesn’t lie about the big stuff…she lies about all stuff. That’s the problem and that’s what has people worried. Oh, the Dems are trying to say that Trump lies. They’ve tried to tie Trump’s contribution to the Florida Attorney General a few years back to a “pay to play” scandal of his own, hoping to draw some fire from their own Clinton Foundation foibles. The problem is, we already know Bill and Hillary Clinton are the political equivalent of trailer park trash. And that play was taken out of Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election playbook. Remember how the economy sucked so bad that they’d talk about anything BUT the economy? Same thing here. Hillary will vilify Trump so she doesn’t have to face the real issues of the campaign. Now, you can add health to that list. And that is what’s going to dog her through the election, and through her presidency if she pulls it off.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Now I’m SURE There Is Something Wrong With Hillary!

  1. Well Desert, your paranoia is in full throttle again. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Hillary must be hiding something, she has a fatal disease and is covering it up and so on. Stop reading Breitbart, WND and infowars, please.

    I had walking pneumonia when I was in fourth grade and was out of school for I believe three weeks. A dry hacking cough that does not stop (I think I still have remnants of it today), you are tired all the time, become easily dehydrated (I had it in the spring). Having been a former runner, I know heatstroke and dehydration and its effects as the muscles start to fail. So having walking pneumonia, standing in the sun with probably warm clothes on for an hour, I saw no water bottle, no hat with 30% humidity, yes this can happen.

    Still waiting for Putin Monkey to prove he does not have an STD.

    • Do you even bother to read my stuff? First of all, I didn’t say anything about a fatal disease. I said walking pneumonia is very mild, and yes, pneumonia can kill you. Are you going to argue with those facts? Look, please at least read my stuff before you post such idiocy in the future, ok? I don’t mind if you disagree with my thoughts, but for cryin’ out loud at least be smart enough to be informed and do the homework by having read the blog!

  2. First of all, why didn’t they announce the pneumonia sooner, like when she was spitting up in her glass? Now that would have made more sense but to wait until she is passing out in front of the van to make this declaration seems odd at best. I am just not buying it here.

    • Would have made it a whole lot easier. But why didn’t Hillary announce she’d sent classified emails through a private server instead of wasting taxpayer money to have us find out through the FBI that she lied to us? Answer: She thought she could get away with stuff she can’t get away with.

      • Too true. A person who feels the need to lie about the little things can most definitely not be trusted not to lie about the large. Perpetual liars have no ability to distinguish between the two nor have the ability to stop. Of course, as I type this I am trying to think of what ‘little things’ she has lied about and for the life of me all I can come up with are big things! She is a very sick woman.

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