Hillary’s Latest Gaffe

When you run for president, you’ve got to consistently and constantly be re-wording your message. After all, you’ve got about a dozen or so reporters who follow you around the country. They hear the same speech day after day, stop after stop. The people listening to the speech probably haven’t heard it, but the reporters have. And if you want any news coverage that night, you need to make sure you re-word and “freshen” your message. That was something Hillary Clinton was trying to do, and she failed miserably at it.

In case you missed it over the weekend, Hillary called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables”. Well, that is akin to the Mitt Romney “47%” comment of 2012. First off, it’s patently false that Trump supporters are deplorable. They are normal people, just like Clinton’s supporters are. Second, you have to learn Hillary, that you don’t want to attack the other person’s supporters, you want to attack the other person. See, you attacked voters. You didn’t attack the candidate. Up until now, you’ve attacked the candidate, just like he has attacked you. You don’t go after the people that you really want to not back him, but back you instead. So, you were basically biting the hand that feeds you. That was a very stupid move, as was Romney’s back in 2012. A comment like this can most assuredly sway an election from one candidate to another!

This is something that will most undoubtedly become a campaign commercial. Now, Hillary has somewhat apologized, but not really. I can’t recall the exact apology, and frankly, I don’t care what it was, the damage was done. You’re going to be hearing about this until election day. Let’s just say that this gaffe was akin to the email scandal lies. It’s not going to go away, and reporters are going to be asking her about it all along the way. It was like throwing fresh meat to the hungry wolves.

For all of his gaffes and missteps, Donald Trump has never called Clinton supporters names. I think he’s smart enough to realize that is something that you just don’t do. That crosses a line. That implies the decision makers aren’t smart enough to make a decision. Now, that may be true, but it still isn’t the right thing to say! And for all of his foibles, you have to give Trump credit for that. I hope in a political sense, he and his team are smart enough to make Hillary pay for that comment…because you know she would make him pay for it.

This election is apparently not about the issues. Clinton has made it a referendum on Trump. Trump is making it a referendum on Obama and a third Obama term. Both are legitimate strategies, but in the end only one is going to prevail. Either the American people are going to say that Clinton shouldn’t be president because of her untrustworthiness (which is growing daily) and her lying (see previous part of this sentence) and the Obama policies are bad for America; or they are going to say that Donald Trump is “dangerous” and not qualified to have his finger on the button.

What’s really too bad is, we aren’t talking about tax reform, and immigration, and jobs, and the economy, and terrorism, and the military. Because those are all items that the next president will have to tackle and do something about. And unfortunately, we aren’t going to know exactly where either of these candidates are going to stand on these issues, because unfortunately, they’re engaged in 7th grade name calling.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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