Why Hillary’s Health Has Become An Issue

All of a sudden, the campaign for president has taken a nasty turn. At least it’s been nasty for Hillary Clinton. She’s been struggling over the past month and has watched a convention bounce induced 8-10 point lead evaporate into thin air. Oh, she’s raised money during that time, she’s call Donald Trump and his supporters every name in the book during that time, and nothing has helped stem the slide. Why? Because of a couple of points. People don’t trust her and she constantly lies. When that happens, it doesn’t matter what you say. And the fact that she has had the health issues come up in the past. Her coughing fits at various events and interviews have got the rumor mills cranked up, and her use of a glass of water when she was holding a half-filled water bottle on another occasion raises more questions.


Look, it appears on the surface that this could just be a simple (or not so simple) case of pneumonia. If you’ve never had it, it can land you flat on your back for a month, or you could walk around and never know you actually had it. It can kill you (it did kill my mother-in-law!). That said, the diagnosis on Hillary last Friday that she had pneumonia was serious. But why did the campaign hide it from the American people? Why didn’t they issue a statement? Why did it take a stumbling, falling Clinton to reveal it? And why didn’t she go to a hospital, and instead went to her daughter’s apartment? I knew Chelsea went to Stanford. I didn’t know she graduated from their medical school!


Donald Trump is right in saying that the health issue is on the table now. And he said he is going to release all of the numerical results from his recent physical so we can see how healthy he is. She needs to do the same. A simple blood test can reveal so much about your health it isn’t funny. I can’t believe the results I get back from the semi-annual blood test my doctors make everyone take out here in the desert. My God, they don’t need a medical degree…just a phlebotomist. The computers do the rest! So, yes, I agree with Trump on this one. Take some of Hillary’s blood, run the test and let the nation know. The test takes about 2 minutes, and is damn cheap. If she’s not hiding anything, what does she have to worry about? If she is hiding something, she has a lot to worry about. And I don’t know which it is, but Trump is right…the latest stumble on 9/11 has made health an issue in this campaign, and all the cough drops in the world aren’t going to make this one go away. It needs to be answered.


Now, liberals will try and change the topic. They will try and tell you that Donald Trump’s not releasing his tax returns are the equivalent. Well, no, not really. Presidents can serve dutifully and honorably and still have weird tax returns. Presidents have a hard time serving when they are dead. Ask William Henry Harrison. He died of…pneumonia! It still kills 50,000 people a year, so it IS serious, and it IS a campaign issue.


Time for Hillary to come clean…for once in her life!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Why Hillary’s Health Has Become An Issue

  1. I’m not totally sold on the pneumonia story yet. I had pneumonia when I was 16 years old, 106 temp., nearly died; and it was only diagnosed as pneumonia after a chest x-ray. There are various types, some more serious than others and some the seriousness just depends on what stage you are in if you haven’t been treated. Just because Hillary has a cough, doesn’t mean she has pneumonia. But a good natural cough helps if you need to fake pneumonia. She’s been suspected of faking an illness before, to keep from testifying. See, how the distrust factor always circles Hillary. She isn’t believable about anything. I think she could be claiming to have one illness to hide another. There are many illnesses with the same symptoms. One possibility is Parkinson’s; there can be a cough associated with this disease. Not sure we will really ever know. She could die tomorrow and they’d say Trump killed her!

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